Kartik Aaryan's Mother Interrupts Him While He Shoots For His Show, Asks Him A Hilarious Question

A mom will always remain a mom, no matter how old you get. Recently, Kartik Aaryan shared a snippet from his regular life and it will definitely bring a big smile on your face. Check it out!


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Kartik Aaryan's Mother Interrupts Him While He Shoots For His Show, Asks Him A Hilarious Question

No matter, whether we are 6, 26 or 36, for our mommies, we are always going to be kids. Believe it or not, if she wants you in front of her eyes, she will have you in front of her eyes. Irrespective of the fact, whether you are in a meeting with your boss or you are a renowned celebrity giving an interview. And an exactly similar thing happened with Bollywood's heartthrob, Kartik Aaryan as his mother called him while he was busy shooting for his show. (Recommend Read: 'Ramayan' Actor, Arvind Trivedi's Family Brushes-Off His Death Rumors, Talks About Lankesh's Health)

For those who don't know, Kartik is extremely close to his mother. In fact, in many interviews, the actor had shared how his mother has always inspired him to be the best version of himself. He had shared how his mother taught him to stay grounded and how to value the little things in life. He had even tagged him as his best friend and the strongest woman he has ever known. Well, he is definitely a doting son. 

Currently, the entire nation is fighting a war against the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. While people are advised to stay at home, there are frontline workers, who are risking their lives to keep us safe. And Kartik had come up with an idea of interviewing these frontline workers and salute their journey in his Youtube show, Koki Puchega. On May 4, 2020, Kartik took to his Instagram handle and shared a hilarious video, wherein his mother asked him a funny question. In the video, we can see Kartik shooting for his show, while his mother called him and he replied that he is taking an interview. To which, his mother asked him, "Le raha hai ki de raha hai". Kartik captioned the hilarious video as "Maa ka Jawaab Nahi". Check it out below:

Earlier, in an interview with the DNA, Kartik had talked about his dream house. He had talked about his journey of staying without his family and how he had made the house of his dreams so that his parents can stay with him. The actor had revealed, "I had a dream that we would all live together once again. Now, after almost seven-eight years of staying here alone, I asked them to join me. In a way, this is my dream house because my parents and sister are here with me."

Kartik Aaryan

Talking about Kartik's relationship with his mother, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, he had shared that his mother knows all his exes and crushes. He had said, "She knows everything about my life — not just career but even my personal life. Whichever girls I was friends with or dated, she knows them all. She’d add them on Facebook and then starts chatting with them (laughs). Woh sab social media platforms par hain, unhe bahut shauk hai. She is very informed that way and she has learned it from me." (Don't Miss: Alia Bhatt And Shaheen Bhatt Croon 'Ikk Kudi' As A Tribute To All The Front-Line COVID-19 Warriors)

Well, we love the cute video of Kartik! What about you?

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