Karisma Kapoor Hints At Daughter, Samaira Kapoor's Entry In Bollywood, Says She's Experimenting

Karisma Kapoor's daughter, Samaira Kapoor is likely to make an entry in Bollywood. Karisma says not necessarily acting, but focusing on other aspects too. Scroll further to know more!


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Karisma Kapoor Hints At Daughter, Samaira Kapoor's Entry In Bollywood, Says She's Experimenting

Bollywood industry is a dreamland for those, who want to make a career in acting and movies and reach the summit of popularity. A lot of people come to the mayanagari, Mumbai every year to test their time and luck in the Bollywood industry. Some of them are complete outsiders with no background or godfather in the industry, while some belong to already film clans, popularly known as the star kids or the star siblings. Bollywood has witnessed a full-fledged debate on nepotism, time and again and it seems to be an issue which is not going to resolve anytime soon. (Recommended Read: Shoaib Ibrahim Shares An Adorable Picture With Dipika Kakar, Sister, Saba Ibrahim And 'Ammi')

The biggest debate on nepotism that Bollywood had witnessed or put simply, when Bollywood just wouldn't shut up about nepotism, had started with Kangana's fearless rant on the same on the convivial talk show, Koffee With Karan. Ever since she had bashed the dominant families of Bollywood for providing easy entry to their kids in Bollywood, thus making it difficult for the talented outsiders. Now, we're not here to take sides, we're here to comprehend the fact that this debate of nepotism might rise once again with the possible entry of the newest member of the Kapoor clan in Bollywood. Yes, we're talking about Karisma Kapoor's daughter, Samaira Kapoor.

Karishma Kapoor and Samaira Kapoor

In an interview with SpotboyE, Karisma had gone all candid and had opened up about Samaira's future in Bollywood. She had cleared the air by saying that Samaira is still in school and needs to learn a lot before taking any prominent step. On being asked if there's any possibility of Samaira making her debut in Bollywood anytime soon, Karisma said, "That’s not true. My daughter and her group of friends are interested in films through all aspects of movies, so whether it will be behind the scenes or in front of the camera I still do not know. They are just experimenting now and learning the ropes. So right now there are no such plans per se. Above all, Samaira is very young and still in school. This whole project is like an extra-curricular activity." The actress further added that it is completely Samaira's choice in what she wants to pursue in future. In her words, "I will never over-encourage or under-encourage her. I do back my children in their decisions. My philosophy is ‘believe in yourself and do things which make you happy." 15-year old, Samaira is Karisma's daughter from her first marriage with Sanjay Kapoor. She also has a little brother named Kiaan Raj Kapoor. (You May Also Like: Angad Bedi's Important Video For Every Husband Was Interrupted By Neha Who Calls Him To Eat 'Rajma')

Samaira Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor's marriage with Sanjay Kapoor had ended badly, as, during their divorce battle, Sanjay had accused Karisma of marrying him for his wealth and had also said that she was on a rebound after her broken engagement with Abhishek Bachchan. While, Karisma had alleged that Sanjay had cheated on her with Priya Sachdev, his current wife. Sanjay and Priya were said to be in a live-in relationship while Karisma and Sanjay were still married. She had also stated that Sanjay and his mother used to mentally and physically torture her. She had also created quite a stir by revealing that her ex-husband was addicted to recreational drugs. After many accusations made from both the sides, the two got had gotten legally divorced and had moved on happily in their own worlds. (Suggested Read: Alia Bhatt's Sister, Shaheen Bhatt Shares A Childhood Picture With Her On Siblings Day)

Karishma Kapoor

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