Karan Patel's Transformation From 'Fat' To 'Fit' Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym Now


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Karan Patel's Transformation From 'Fat' To 'Fit' Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym Now

Karan Patel, bas naam hi kaafi hai, and the girls will go gaga over him, while men will get jealous because other than good looks and great acting skills, what catches the attention is actor’s transformation from fat to fit.

The Yeh hai Mohabbatein star worked out day and night to get that lean yet bulked up look which he always wanted. Want to know more about his fat to fit journey? Then read on.

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The inspiration

Karan Patel

Karen Patel has a huge fan following and is one of the most loved actors of the small screen. The actor was not much into fitness earlier, but last year things changed and it changed for good. Karan decided to work out for a fit and healthy body. And, this decision was not taken just like that. It was “The two #Brothers” Rohit Reddy and Aly Gony aka Romi who inspired him “to hit the #Gym and beat the #Others”. In fact, Gony made him “realise what difference it would make” to have a healthy body.

Karan Patel

And thus began the journey of the three musketeers to attain a fit physique! Karan said in a statement:

“All three of us are on a serious mission on getting fitter like never before. I never liked working out, but now we have made ourselves go on a routine diet and workout.”

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The actor even kept giving the glimpse of his hard core gym sessions on his Instagram handle.

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The transformation

Karan Patel

Karan’s main focus was to get a lean mean look and to attain that body, the Indian television actor began training under the guidance of “strict” fitness coach Rakesh Pawar, whose diet and training made huge difference to him.

Karan Patel

But shooting daily for the television drama was taking a toll on his fitness regime, so the actor came up with an “ideal idea” to manage his show as well as his workout, without sacrificing on anything. What solution? Well, the actor installed a gym in his vanity van! It was a win-win situation.

Karan Patel

This decision showed how dedicated the actor was towards his health. He shared:

“To me fitness has always meant being healthy. You could be big or small, having a healthy mind and body is most important. Since I shoot every day for long hours, I've got a gym in my van.”

Karan Patel

The actor even keeps a tab on his high-protein diet and does not let negativity affect him. He said:

“I do cardio as that's a great way of burning fat and I do weights for toning. On the days I don't work out, I just try and eat healthy. Healthy mind, healthy diet and positive thinking are my three mantras in life.”

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Other than hitting the gym, the star even indulges in sports activities. He shared his favourite sports, saying:

“I like swimming and outdoor activities like cycling, trekking and rock climbing as they are refreshing and fun, and at the same time keep my weight under check.”

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The result

Karan Patel

And finally, after months of hard work and gruelling gym sessions, Karan’s body transformed completely. From pudgy belly and flabby arms, he went on to have rock-hard muscle with impressively lean midsection and huge biceps, the look that he always wanted.

Karan Patel

Talking about his transformation, Karan said:

“It’s amazing to see the kind of energy I feel now. I have always been lean, and did not feel the need to workout as much. But I am glad this new burst of energy has now entered my life. I can’t imagine myself any other way as it feels good, looks good and I feel healthier, which is most important.”

Karan Patel

According to Karan, everyone should strive for a healthy body. He has a special message for all his fan. He said:

“Women or men, it's important to be fit. Biologically it maybe more important for women, but otherwise staying fit should be a habit, and something one can never do without.”

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Absolutely true, Karan! So, what are you waiting for, get inspired from the actor and start working out now. We are sure your hard work will pay off and you will see the positive change in your body!



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