Kangana Ranaut's Mother Organised A Mahamritunjay Puja At Home For Her Daughter's Safety [Video]

Like every mother, Kangana Ranaut's mother is worried about her daughter's well-being and for that she organised a puja at home. Check out the video inside!


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Kangana Ranaut's Mother Organised A Mahamritunjay Puja At Home For Her Daughter's Safety [Video]

We live in a country where we have a strong faith in God and we believe that is the only power saving us and guiding us. While, we haven’t seen God, we all can sense the strength. Performing puja and hawan is a matter of pride for every Indian because it kind of sticks us to our roots and is said to cleanse our souls. Well, for every child their parents are their superior power and almighty. For parents, they can go to any length to keep their child protected and same is with Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut’s parents. (Also Read: Smriti Khanna Shares A Video Of Daughter, Anayka Doing Every Child's Favourite Activity All Day Long)

Despite being one of the finest and greatest actresses of B-town, Kangana Ranaut has sticked to her roots and always stands her ground. The actress knows how to call a spade, a spade and speak her mind when it comes to injust and bias. On the other hand, she is a homely girl, who knows how to keep her family’s happiness above all. From helping her sister, Rangoli settle down and establishing her house to being the best maasi for her nephew, Kangana has done it all. Now, like every mother, Kangana’s mother is worried about her daughter’s well-being and for that she organised a puja at home.

Kangana Puja

Kangana Ranaut’s team took to her IG handle and shared a video of Kangana performing the mahamritunjay puja with her mother and nephew, Prithvi. Her mother was worried about her well-being and safety and thus decided to organise a hawan for her. The caption along with the video can be read as “Mata ji meri suraksha ke vishay mein chinti rehti hain, isi ke chalet unhone ek lakh pandhrah hazaar mahamritunjay mantron ke jaap karwaye, yeh karyakram aaj samapt hua hai, main apne samasth parivaar ki dhanyawaadi hoon. Har Har Mahadev Kashivishvanath Maharaj ki jai- Kangana” in Hindi. Kangana’s team also shared a story on her IG handle where, she can be seen doing the ‘yagya aahuti’. Take a look:

Kangana Ranaut Yagya

Kangana has been making every simple occasion of her family’s life extraordinary, glimpses of which are often shared by her sister, Rangoli Chandel. It was in May 2020, when Rangoli had shared how Kangana had made sure that she looked her best on griha pravesh puja of her new house. The star-sister had shared a couple of pictures from the big day, and had written, "In this lockdown, it was getting difficult to travel to my house site, luckily we were in the green zone, so Ajay and I decided to live in the house to get remaining exterior work done, We decided to postpone our house warming party and only did Puja. In the morning when Kangana saw me leave for my house she was shocked to see me in my tracksuit almost screamed aren’t you getting ready?? I was like no one is coming. She said it’s a special day just do little something, and the little something she did was steamed my Paithani Sari, made me wear my wedding jewellery and did my eye make up." (Recommended Read: Saba Ibrahim Couldn't Stop Praising 'Bhabhi', Dipika Kakar As She Bakes A Delicious Pineapple Cake)

Rangoli Chandel

Rangoli Chandel

Not only for her sister, Kangana had made the griha pravesh special for her nephew, Prithvi as well. On May 1, 2020, Rangoli had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared how her sister, Kangana had made her nephew's first day at their new home extremely special. The star sister had posted a couple of pictures and alongside it had written how her sister had made a normal occasion a special memory for the little one with her way of welcoming him. The caption could be read as "Prithu’s maasi is an expert in making every little occasion into a celebration.... when little Prithvi came home for the first time he was welcomed with aarti, Puja and of course halwa." (Recommended Read: Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister, Shweta Thanks Fans For Joining 'GlobalPrayerForSSR' Ex, Ankita Reacts)

Kangana Ranaut makes us feel that her family is just like ours!

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