Kajol Is The Epitome Of Surreal Beauty Even At The Age Of 48: Check Out Her Anti-Ageing Routine

Kajol is hailed by her fans for her flawless skin and mesmerising beauty even in her 40s. Here are the actress's secret beauty hacks!


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Kajol Is The Epitome Of Surreal Beauty Even At The Age Of 48: Check Out Her Anti-Ageing Routine

Kajol is the epitome of natural beauty and the perfect fit for the quote 'ageing like a fine wine.' The actress never shies away from bagging compliments for her astonishing beauty and sartorial fashion picks. Even at the age of 48, the actress knows how to steal the show with her jaw-dropping looks. Be it her casual OOTD or red carpet glamour, the actress always serves major fashion and beauty goals.

Be it celebrities or women in general, they always crave flawless skin. However, with age, our skin tends to get certain problems like wrinkles or acne, pigmentation, blackheads, oiliness, dull skin and more. However, one may wonder how even at the age of 48, the evergreen beauty, Kajol has managed to hold onto her oh-so-gorgeous look so perfectly and how she managed to keep her skin flawless even after all these years. Once in an interview, the actress spilt the beans about the secret behind her smooth skin.

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#1. Kajol's care towards her skin ageing 


Being concerned about one's skin is natural, as it gets dull with age. In fact, Bollywood diva, Kajol too shares the same worries. However, once in an interview with Tweak India, the actress shared the same. She revealed that ageing has much more to do with energy than the lines on the face. Talking about it, Kajol stated that age shows in people's eyes when they are worried and bored with what they are doing. As a result, it is reasonable to be concerned about the lines on the skin. Kajol shared:

"I do, I do worry about it. Ageing has to do with energy, it has to with energy more than the lines on your face, I feel the people look at what look at how you are saying what you are saying. And I feel more than the lines on your face, I feel that somewhere down the line, age shows in people's eyes when they get tired, when they get bored of what they're doing, that's when people start noticing the lines or the wrinkles. So I worry about it, yes, I am concerned about it, who isn't? And I do my daily routine religiously."

#2. Kajol's expert regimen for curing dull skin


Further, in the same interview, Kajol shared the routine that helps her to protect her skin from any ageing problems. She shared that she usually drinks a lot of water and always tries to get a proper nap of 8-10 hours. For the unversed, to look younger and to prevent the skin from getting dull, one must drink plenty of water and have a proper sleep schedule to supply sufficient hydration to the skin. Moreover, it is the top-notch beauty hack of Kajol. Elaborating on the same, Kajol shared:

"I'm extremely, extremely careful about drinking my 8 glasses of water. I have to have my 8 t 10 hours of sleep at least. I go to sleep early, I am one of those weird people who does not have a nightlife or a social life for that matter."

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#3. Kajol's daily night routine for glowing skin


In the same interview, Kajol then shared the beauty secret she follows every day and said she cannot go to bed without moisturising her face. Calling it her 'religious' routine, the actress shared that she takes very good care of herself. Kajol also added that she works hard to keep her skin healthy and glowing. For the uninformed, working out helps the body to burn calories. It can reduce the occurrence of skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, and more, as stress or anxiety can play a part in such conditions. However, Kajol added:

"I wash my face every night, like religiously, I put my cream on like, now I'm ready to go to bed, so it's all of that and I take very, very good care of myself. I work out, I do all of it."

#4. Kajol's healthy diet prevents her skin from getting dull


Exercise may help people overcome skin-ageing issues, but a well-balanced diet is also necessary for beautiful and radiant skin. Once sharing the details about the same, Kajol, in another interview with Vogue India, shared that she is too conscious about a healthy diet. She also revealed that she is in charge of the same. Further in the interview, Kajol stated that she relies more on several kinds of smoothies. In her words:

"I’m definitely more conscious about my diet than I was earlier. I’m more in charge of it, so I plan it. I’m very conscious about what I eat, where I eat, and how much I eat...I am currently having a kale, sprout, and wheatgrass smoothie, which, considering the time most veggies take to prepare, works out perfectly."

#5. Kajol follows an easy skincare routine to keep it up even on her busiest days


Keeping a skincare routine simple is necessary so that one can follow it even when they are super tired. However, this is the beauty hack that beauty queen, Kajol follows. The actress once talked about the same in an interview and shared that she washes her face at least twice a day and never goes to bed with makeup on. Elaborating on the same, Kajol stated:

"I wash my face at least twice a day and I have to go to sleep with a clean face...I would rather play safe than sorry. So, I haven’t tried too many unusual things."

#6. Beauty products Kajol likes to use for her flawless skin


Kajol doesn't like to use too many unusual things, but she prefers to use some products that are actually very useful for anti-ageing protection. In another interview, Kajol shared:

"Serums and toners are a must. They smoothen your skin and improve the texture.... I like to use an under-eye cream every night as it softens the eye area and helps reduce dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines... Sunscreen is a must-have. It protects the skin from harsh sun rays and prevents tanning. The best is to go for daytime moisturiser-cum-sunscreen."

We cannot deny every time Kajol treats her fans with her selfies or pictures, her astonishing beauty creates a spell on us and compels us to utter 'wow'! Even at the age of 48, the way she manages to look gorgeous, and she can easily give any other Bollywood actress a run for their money. Kajol has proved that age is just a number, and she can slay even in her 40s.

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