Kajol Celebrates Her 20th Wedding Anniversary With Ajay Devgan, Shares The Secret Of Their Marriage


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Kajol Celebrates Her 20th Wedding Anniversary With Ajay Devgan, Shares The Secret Of Their Marriage

The modern world is full of ups and downs and in midst of all the chaos, it is beautiful to see a couple who are certain about their constant love for each other. We truly believe that there is nothing like 'happily ever after', rather it is a process of making your every day a step towards it. The reel and real-life couple, Kajol and Ajay Devgn are a perfect example of it! (Recommend Read: Alia Bhatt Gives An Emotional Speech At Her Childhood BFF's Wedding, Video Inside)

Kajol and Ajay have completed 20 years of their wedding. The couple tied the knot on February 24, 1999, and their chemistry is still the same, only now they value each other even more. Kajol took to her Instagram handle to share the secret of her happy marriage. She posted a video and captioned it as, “Me: So what do you want to do today Ajay: I don’t know what do u want to do Me: what do u feel like Ajay: Let’s just stay in and order some good food Me: Perfect! And they lived happily ever after in pajamas.” Take a look at the video below:

Recently, In an interview with DNA, Ajay talked about the secret of his relationship with Kajol. He said, “The best part is that we’ve never asked each other to be what we aren’t. If she needs space, she can have it and if I need space, she never grudges that. We can sit together in a room for hours, doing our own thing and we don’t feel uncomfortable that we’re not talking. You can only get along with people who are unobtrusive yet, at the same time, we’re together.” (Also Read: Janhvi Kapoor Shared An Emotional Note For Her Late Mother Sridevi On Her First Death Anniversary)

He further went on to define the equation he shares with wife, Kajol, and said, “If you don’t have it, then you can’t be together for so long. We have a bond where we can tell each other whatever we want. Even at home, we are a chilled-out couple.”

Earlier, in an interview with Neha Dhupia chat show, No Filter Neha, Kajol had revealed how her family didn’t want her to get married to Ajay. She had said, “Nobody wanted Ajay and I to get married. My family was very confused. My father didn’t talk to me for a week when I told him I wanted to get married.” The 44-year-old starlet further said, “Ajay and I were very different people which is why a lot of people had reservations. They doubted how we would be as a couple because we were not very social back then either.”

Kajol also shared the ingredient of a successful relationship. She had stated, “We have survived because both of us have worked through it together. We have two kids. It’s almost like we have become one person who have these two children as their arms.”

In another interview, Kajol had talked about a funny incident that happened while they were honeymooning. She had said, “We were in Greece. It was already 40 days. He [Ajay] was quite tired by then. One morning, he woke up and told me that he had a fever and headache. So I told him I'll get medicines for him. But he just kept saying that he was not well. When I asked him what we could do, he said 'Let's go home!' I asked him, 'Home? For a headache?’ He said, 'I'm really tired!’” (Don't Miss: Shilpa Shetty's Husband Raj Kundra Shares The First Picture From Sister Reena Kundra's Wedding)

We wish Kajol and Ajay a lifetime of togetherness!

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