Interesting Indian Wedding Beliefs And Superstitions Passed On From One Generation To Another


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Interesting Indian Wedding Beliefs And Superstitions Passed On From One Generation To Another

Indian wedding is a grand affair where every ritual, pre- and post-wedding hold a special importance. That is why every possible measure is taken to ward off the buri nazar (evil eye), to make sure that the newlyweds have a blissful life together. In many parts of India, there are a number of popular beliefs and superstitions related to weddings, which have been passed on from one generation to another.

Here are 14 such superstitions that people still believe. Read on to know!

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#1. If the milk spills

Boiling milk

It's important to observe the boiling milk in the shaadi wala ghar. It is believed that during the time of wedding, family members must be careful while boiling milk. It is said that spilling of milk before or after the big day signals some pending misfortune.

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#2. Darker the mehendi, luckier the bride

Indian bride's mehendi

The darker the bride’s henna colour appears, stronger her marriage will be. Another superstition is that, if the mehendi lasts longer on the hands of the bride than her groom, she will get lots of love from her in-laws.

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#3. Lending your wedding dress – a big NO!

Image Courtesy: Jodi Clickers (left) and The Wedding Story (right)

Image Courtesy: Jodi Clickers (left) and The Wedding Story (right)

Well, if you are thinking about lending your wedding dress to someone else then give it a second thought. It might bring some good luck for the borrower, but this generosity of yours might bring bad omen for you.

#4. Match your earrings

Mihika Verma

Make sure to wear earrings on your big day because it is considered to be quite auspicious. It is believed that wearing earrings during and after the marriage will fill your married life with happiness.

#5. Let the 'kaleere' fall

Aishwarya Sakhuja and Arpita Khan

In the north Indian customs, brides wear chooda on which her family members and friends tie kaleerein (red and golden ornaments). After this, the bride moves her hand over the head of the unmarried girls (or boys sometimes). It is said that if kaleerein falls on someone’s head, then that girl will be next in the line to get married.

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#6. Good and bad sights

Rainbow in the sky

On your wedding day, if you see a black cat or a rainbow then it is considered to be a good luck. But, spotting an open grave, lizard or a pig is a bad fortune.

#7. Let it rain

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

If it rains on your wedding day, then don’t be gloomy. Although, it may dampen some of your preparations but it is considered to be an auspicious omen. Falling of rain is a good sign for fertility of the married couple.

#8. Flaunt your cooking skills

Image Courtesy: Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar

In many parts of India, a week before the wedding it is customary for the brides-to-be along with seven other married women to make small balls of chana dal (lentil balls). These balls are then sent to the groom’s house. It is a sign to ensure that his kitchen always stays filled with food at all times.

#9. Don't light candles


It's not a good sign if the candles lit start to sputter out during your wedding. If it happens, it is believed that an evil spirit is nearby.

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#10. Throwing rice at bride and groom

Couples throwing rice on each other

Throwing rice at the couple during their wedding is considered to be auspicious. It is a sign of abundance and fertility as well as a way to protect the newlyweds from the evil spirits.

#11. Right foot first

Bride's right foot

It is usually considered to be unlucky if the bride enters her new home with her left foot first. So, the bride has to enter with her right foot first.

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#12. Carrying knife

Indian weddings

In some traditions especially in Punjabis, the to-be bride is given a knife (kirpan) or any sharp object to carry after her engagement till the time she gets married. It is believed that the object will protect the bride from evil and/or negative spirits.

#13. Be careful with dishes

Indian wedding

In some cultures, the new bride is asked to pick about 7 silver dishes from the floor. It is said that more the sound from the dishes, the more couple will fight.

#14. Watch the full moon

Indian wedding

If there is a full moon one or two days before your wedding day, then your married life will be filled with luck and happiness.  

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Well, these are just some interesting superstitions related to Indian weddings, however, we do not promote or advocate any of the above. Marriages that are based on love, trust and understanding will always last a lifetime. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.