Richest Gamers In India With Net Worth In Crores: Techno Gamerz, Mortal, Dynamo, TotalGaming, More

The gaming industry is booming in India, and today, we will look at some of the most famous and rich gamers in India who are currently dominating this space.


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Richest Gamers In India With Net Worth In Crores: Techno Gamerz, Mortal, Dynamo, TotalGaming, More

The gaming sector is booming globally at the moment, and if we talk about India, the scene is quite exciting. In FY2021, the gaming sector was around Rs. 13,600 crores, but if the reports of some industry experts are to be believed, the gaming industry can reach Rs. 30,000 crores by the end of FY25. The good news is that it has shown no signs of slowing down, making people excited about the surreal growth of the gaming sector.

As per multiple data and reports, there are around 365 million gamers in India and with the help of super-fast smartphones and affordable internet plans, Indian gamers are taking it to a new level. With so many gaming platforms featuring as sponsors at many mega events, it just speaks volumes about the stature they’ve created in the Indian market. It wasn’t a cakewalk for the gaming sector to flourish in a country like India, where playing games is considered a pastime or a stress buster.

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List of wealthiest gamers in India, who are earning in lakhs and have net worth in crores

Even though the gaming sector is booming in India, the middle class that covers the majority of the Indian economy is still trying their best to keep their kids away from it. Well, the fear of parents is quite understandable, but the way the gaming sector has evolved in recent years, things aren’t like they used to be in the past.

For the unversed, an average gamer reportedly earns lakhs, and the top-tier players are cashing in crores. Thus, today, we will talk about some of the most famous gamers in India, who are earning lakhs, and some even have their net worth in crores. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

#1. Techno Gamerz aka, Ujjwal Chaurasia

If we talk about the gaming sector, the Delhi-based YouTuber, TechnoGamerz is one of the biggest names in India. With a massive fanbase of 32.2 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he inspires many budding gamers in India, who are trying to make a name for themselves in this sector.

From playing Snow Bros. with his brother during their childhood days to shifting to GTA: Vice City and his success with his GTA V Series, he has come a long way. As per reports, Techno Gamerz has a net worth of Rs. 15 crores.

#2. Total Gaming aka, Ajju Bhai

The Ahmedabad-based gamer, Total Gaming is another big name in the Indian gaming space. For Total Gaming, it all started with the iconic Clash of Clans, which he started playing back in 2015. After spending some time on the game, Total Gaming’s focus shifted to Garena Free Fire, and it was the beginning of his rise in India. As of now, he has 3 million followers on his Instagram handle.

The most interesting thing about Total Gaming is that he has never revealed his identity, which is why there are no pictures of him on the internet. As per multiple reports, he still works as a software developer, freelancer and growth hacker in Surat. His active job could be one of the reasons why he kept his identity private. According to several sources, Total Gaming has a net worth of Rs. 15 crores.

#3. Mortal aka, Naman Mathur

One of the most versatile gamers in India is Mortal aka, Naman Mathur. Although he is renowned for being a PUBG Mobile player and streamer, he is quite good in a series of other games, too. From Free Fire, BGMI, New State Mobile, Valorant, Among Us, and GTA V, he is considered by many as one of the best gamers in India.

Talking about Mortal’s journey in the gaming world, he used to play Call of Duty and FIFA. However, with time, he invested more time in horning his skills, and today, he is the kind of opponent that almost everyone would like to avoid. Also, he is one of the richest gamers in India. Talking about Mortal’s net worth, he has an estimated wealth of Rs. 16 crores.

#4. Dynamo aka, Aditya Sawant

When we talk about the name that is known to almost every gamer in India, it is Dynamo aka, Aditya Sawant. He is one of the most famous gamers in India and has incredible skills in playing PUBG Mobile. It’s amazing how Dynamo has managed to beat so many gamers in India despite sticking to just one game, and that is PUBG Mobile.

Although Dynamo started playing games as a hobby while pursuing engineering, today, he has become a prominent name in the gaming industry. From impressive reflexes to strategic gameplay, Dynamo is a reference point to so many aspiring gamers in this country. Apart from his gaming streams, Dynamo also loves uploading Vlogs and engaging video content on his YouTube channel, which has helped him gain non-gamers attention, too. Regarding Dynamo’s wealth, he has an estimated net worth of Rs. 23 crores.

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#5. ClutchGod aka, Vivek Aabhas Horo

When we talk about some of the best BGMI/PUBG players in India, it’s impossible not to mention the name of ClutchGod aka, Vivek Aabhas Horo. For the unversed, he is the BGMI pro athlete, who is renowned for playing for Godlike Esports along with the likes of Zgod, Neyooo, and Jonathan.

When he started playing PUBG, he used to play as an assaulter, but after joining TSM-Entity, ClutchGod started playing like an IGL, and he is doing the same with Godlike Esports. As per multiple reports, he has an estimated net worth of Rs. 62 lakhs to Rs. 65 lakhs.

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#6. Jonathan aka, Jonathan Jude Amaral

So many gamers in India consider Jonathan as a GOAT of BGMI pro player. The gamer plays for Godlike Esports along with ClutchGod and Neyooo. Not just in India, Jonathan is one of the best BGMI/PUBG gamers in the world.

For the unversed, he has already represented India in gaming tournaments that were held in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Italy. He is also considered as the best assaulter in Battlegrounds Mobile India by many gamers around the country. Talking about his net worth, Jonathan has a net worth of Rs. 62 lakhs to Rs. 63 lakhs.

#7. Carryminati aka, Ajey Nagar

When we talk about live gaming streams, it would be a sin not to mention the man, who has gained the most fame and recognition from it, the roast king, Carryminati. Although he is renowned more for his roast videos, there’s no denying that he is also one of the first gamers in India, who tasted success in this platform quite early. The reason why his gameplay streams and videos became an instant hit in 2014 was because of the hilarious commentary in it.

Another interesting thing about Carryminati’s gaming streams is that time and again, we have seen him donating all the money he earned from live streams. He is also seen talking about various essential and social topics that must be discussed publicly. The gamer uses his fame most beautifully by donating money to the needy and bringing major social topics right into the spotlight. Talking about his wealth, Carryminati has a net worth of Rs. 32 crores.

Well, the success of these gamers has clearly proven that the gaming industry's future in India is quite bright. What do you think about it? Let us know.

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