Famous Influencer Couples We Wish To See Get Married In 2023: Komal-Siddharth, Aayush-Aashna, More

Here's a list of famous influencer couples whose fans are eagerly waiting for their wedding and wish to see them join the 'happily married' club.


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Famous Influencer Couples We Wish To See Get Married In 2023: Komal-Siddharth, Aayush-Aashna, More

Social media influencers are enjoying the best phase of their lives as they’ve started to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Bollywood and television celebrities. Influencers worldwide are creating an impact, but in India, the fandom of influencers is quite unreal.

For instance, in 2023, famous YouTuber, Elvish Yadav won Bigg Boss OTT 2, which speaks volumes about an influencer’s impact in India. Apart from influencers creating an impact in the marketing world, there is also a sudden rise in the number of influencer couples.

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There are a lot of influencer couples in India, who have managed to make a place in people’s hearts with their content. However, some married influencer couples in India are leading the charts with their content and chemistry.

Some of the most famous influencer couples, who are married include Abhimanyu Singh and Niyati Mavinkurva, Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee, Nikhil Sharma and Shanice Shrestha, Neetu Bisht and Lakhan Rawat, the list goes on.

Famous Indian influencer couples, we wish to see them enter the ‘married club’ in 2023

However, there are some famous influencer couples, who aren’t married, and we cannot wait to see them entering the ‘married club’. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of India's most famous and cutest influencer couples.

#1. Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra

Famous influencer couple, Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra are among India's most followed and admired lovebirds, courtesy of their fashion quotient. The couple never misses a chance to leave a lasting impact in the memory of their massive fanbase with their style and chemistry. The couple started talking in 2018, and within months, they came quite close.

Soon, their long conversations and frequent meetups became a habit for Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra. However, it was in 2019, during the COVID-19 lockdown, when they started missing each other as they were unable to meet and realised that they were in love. The couple made their relationship official in August 2020, and since then, they’ve been giving pure couple goals with their social media posts and PDAs.

#2. Dolly Singh and Manu Chaturvedi

Famous fashion influencer, Dolly Singh has a fanbase of 1.6 million followers on Instagram. With her work in Modern Love: Mumbai and debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, she has become a renowned name across the nation. Apart from her professional life, she is in a relationship with Manu Chaturvedi, who is a successful lawyer and a popular influencer with 32.9K followers on his Instagram.

The lovely couple often posts mushy pictures and lovely videos from their dinner dates and vacations. It was in 2020 when Dolly and Manu made their relationship official, and their fans are anxiously waiting to see them taking the plunge.

#3. Diksha Rawat and Vishnu Kaushal

When we talk about influencers, who are creating the kind of content that resonates with the audience of almost every section of society, it is Vishnu Kaushal, whose name comes into our minds. Apart from leaving people in splits with his Instagram reels, Vishnu is also a talented actor, who impressed the audiences with his work in Lionsgate Play’s series, Feels Like Home.

The social media influencer, Vishnu Kaushal is in love with popular fashion influencer, Diksha Rawat, who is making waves with her content and is one of the rising names in this genre. Vishnu and Diksha are some of the most admired couples on Instagram, courtesy of their concept of love, which resonates with so many people on social media.

#4. Daizy Batra and Ankit Arora

There’s a sudden rise in the number of influencer couples in the travel genre on social media. The idea of seeing a couple exploring the world together never fails to mesmerise people. If there’s any couple who is one of the best in promoting this idea, they are Daizy Batra and Ankit Arora. The couple explores beautiful destinations and is also followed for their fashion quotient.

The popular travel influencer couple, Daizy Batra and Ankit Arora run a page, the.vogue.vanity, which has 379K followers on Instagram. The page is filled with snippets from their vacations, family events, dinner dates, and everything that they would love to share with their followers.

#5. Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma

Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma enjoy a massive fan following on social media, but after they got into a relationship, things just got better for them. While Anirudh has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram, his ladylove, Mrunal has 5.1 million followers, and they never skip a chance to make people go in awe of their lovely chemistry.

As per reports, Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma purchased a house and a luxury car together. It was in December 2022 when they announced that they were engaged, and since then, their fans have been excitedly waiting for their wedding.

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#6. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar

Awez Darbar is one of the best dancers and choreographers in India. He is the son of the famous Indian composer, Ismail Darbar. Apart from dancing, Awez is also quite popular for creating funny and content-based videos on his YouTube channel. With a massive fanbase of 30 million followers on Instagram, he is one of the most followed influencers in India.

The ace choreographer, Awez Darbar is dating a fashion influencer and dancer, Nagma Mirajkar, who has 8.5 million followers on Instagram. The couple has been in a relationship for some time and never fails to win their audiences’ hearts with their mushy videos. From going on international vacations together to Nagma having a friendly bond with Awez’s sister, Anam Darbar, the wedding is probably on the cards for this stunning couple.

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#7. Prajakta Koli and Vrishank Khanal

There’s no denying in saying that Prajakta Koli is right up there with the few Indian influencers who have set some standards on the global stage. From creating videos on social media, working in web series, and making her debut in Bollywood to interacting with YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, Prajakta has come a long way.

The influencer is currently dating Vrishank Khanal, who is a lawyer by profession but also loves documenting his life on social media. The couple often drops cutesy pictures and romantic videos on their respective social media handles.

#8. Aayush Mehra and Aashna Vijay

The popular influencer and actor, Aayush Mehra is one of the most handsome young actors in India. His chemistry with Barkha Singh is often regarded as one of the best on-screen couples in India. However, in real life, Aayush is dating social media influencer, Aashan Vijay.

The couple has been in a steady relationship for 14-15 years. Yes! You read it right. Their love story began in school; since then, they’ve been together. As per several reports, Aayush and Aashna will soon take the plunge. The couple has restored people’s faith in old-school love with their love story, which is nothing less than a Bollywood film in today’s world.

Well, we cannot wait to see these lovely influencer couples entering into the ‘married club’. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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