How To Survive Wedding Planning If You Are An Introvert


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How To Survive Wedding Planning If You Are An Introvert

Everyone gets excited about their wedding, but it’s a little different with introverts. They are excited too, would never show though, but they feel equally overwhelmed by the idea of being surrounded by a million people! If you are an introvert, you know what we’re hinting at.

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But, there’s nothing to fear. You can still handle everything and enjoy doing it too. Now, if you’re ready to keep your sanity, here’s how you can plan your wedding.

#1. Find out people who WANT to help

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

Being the bride is a classic win-win situation for you since your family and friends would love to do anything to help you plan your wedding. Consider your wedding planning as a project and delegate work to only the responsible and reliable ones. You know who they are, right? 

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#2. Accept that you WILL BE the centre of attention

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr

Yes hon, we know that you dread being in the spotlight, but you need to prepare yourself because everyone’s going to be looking at you. Just wear a façade of confidence no matter how nervous you are from the inside. After all, it is only a matter of a couple of hours and then you can cave into your den!

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#3. Go for a small wedding

Image / Sex And The City
Image Courtesy: Sex And The City 

Small weddings are always a good idea because you will be surrounded by only your immediate family and close friends. In fact, you won’t have to oblige people with small talks! The icing on the cake is that you won’t have many new faces to meet-and-greet!  Most importantly, discuss this with your partner and if he also agrees to your plan then nothing like it.

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#4. Make time for some alone time

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

You deserve it! You can’t just be drowning yourself in every little detail. Go for a spa, meditate or enroll for yoga or Zumba classes. Release all the negative energy and come back rejuvenated, ready for the next day’s tasks. Like we advised earlier, have a set of people who can take care of stuff and buzz you only if it is an emergency. 

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#5. Book and meet your wedding photographer well in advance

Image / Sachin Kumar Photography

Image Courtesy: Sachin Kumar Photography 

Being an introvert, you are naturally shy before the camera. So, it is important that you have a meeting with your wedding photographer and break the ice; set up a gup-shupsession and get to know each other. Tell them your story and share the details about where you’d like to get your pre-wedding shoot done etc. After all, your comfort is the most important thing. 

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#6. Prepare yourself for small talks

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

It is totally up to you whether you want to answer all the questions that people ask you, but make sure that in any case, you don’t wear a grumpy face. Answer in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ whichever seems fit, and of course, complemented with a smile. Everyone understands that you are preoccupied and those who don’t should anyway not bother you. People will anyway say what they’ve got to say, no? 

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#7. Make use of technology

Image / Karthik Calling Karthik

Image Courtesy: Karthik Calling Karthik

We know how much you dislike those huddles with everyone having something to say about either the phoolwalah or the makeup artist or the halwai or the caterer. If you’re not in the mood to meet a few people, have a Skype chat or FaceTime so that everything is tackled one at a time and there’s no noise and nervous energy floating. See, everything can be handled!

#8. You don’t have to give a wedding speech or say thank you all at once!

Image / Bridesmaids

Image Courtesy: Bridesmaids

Yes, you don’t have to unless you are confident that you can say your wedding vows before the guests. If your spouse-to-be is comfortable doing that just let them! Do not dampen their spirits, prepare a line or two instead to keep the mood up. As far as the thank you speech for your guests is concerned, you can send them personalised thank you notes after you are back from your wedding vacation. 

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#9. Communicate

Image / Jab We Met

Image Courtesy: Jab We Met

If you are stressed about something and you don’t see a way out just speak to someone you trust. It could be your siblings, or parents or your partner. Let them wear the hat of a problem solver and find a solution. Things eventually work out, don’t they? Relax!

Didn’t we tell you you’ll ace wedding planning without knowing it? As an introvert, how do you think you will keep yourself pepped up throughout the wedding planning period? Tell us because we’d love to hear from you. 

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