How To Plan A Menu For Your Big Fat Indian Summer Wedding


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How To Plan A Menu For Your Big Fat Indian Summer Wedding

The big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without a scrumptious meal. This is one element of wedding planning that needs a lot of attention. Not only does wedding food form a very large part of the wedding budget, but getting it right is critical to the success of the day.

However, planning your menu, especially for a summer wedding, is not an easy task. Moreover, people have turned more health conscious and have opened up their horizon towards new cuisines. So, along with the traditional spread, surprise your guests with these interesting menu additions.

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#1. Starters

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Never exclude Indian food from your menu. While your friends may love to try out cheese quesadillas, your aunts and uncles will conservatively turn towards kebabs. Stick to seafood in non-vegetarian starters; red meat tends to make people full. Serving garlic prawn and small portions of Amritsari fish along with a variety of chutney and sauces work well. For vegetarians, you can serve mini pizzas, canapés and assorted pakoras.

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#2. Drinks

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Chilled lemonade, fruit juices and yummy milkshakes are a few must-haves for a summer wedding. Besides these, fresh coconut water with malai and ganne ka ras are other refreshing add-ons. Do not hesitate to get creative with cocktails and drinks.

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#3. Salads

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Your salad bar will be the most sought after zone during summers; people usually prefer light food over something greasy and fattening. Provide an option for your guests to customise their salads and dressing. You can also serve cold pasta salads, stir fry noodle salad and roasted chicken salad.

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#4. Main course

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A fusion cuisine for the main course serves the purpose of a scorching summer wedding. For vegetarians, you can offer stir-fry vegetables, Thai curry and saffron rice, paneer makhni and vegetable korma along with stuffed kulchas for a typical Indian touch.

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Non-vegetarians swear by the traditional rogan josh and chicken masala. Add a seafood platter and mutton biryani to pamper their taste buds.

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#5. Desserts

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For desserts set up an ice cream and cookie counter. Let your guests select their own ice cream and cookie combination. For traditional desserts, offer a barfi platter. Moreover, do not forget to experiment with the desserts. Along with a double chocolate chip ice cream, serve your guests' paan or thandai flavoured kulfi, green chilly Cassata and other innovative flavours.

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Tips for a perfect menu:

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  • You must arrange for ample options to suit the variety of taste buds.
  • Always maintain a distance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian counters.
  • Order food for at least 50 extra people; you never know who may decide to surprise you at the last minute.
  • Ensure that the drinks and desserts are unlimited; people love to get second helpings in scorching summer.
  • Make sure that the leftover food is delivered to an NGO or homeless people.

Balance your wedding menu with both traditional and western dishes. You can be rest assured that all your guests will leave with a smile on their faces.

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