I Think We Are Kind Of Happier Now And We Both Have Security Of Marriage: Hazel Keech


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I Think We Are Kind Of Happier Now And We Both Have Security Of Marriage: Hazel Keech

There is no denying the fact that ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Bollywood actress Hazel Keech’s wedding was one of the gala affairs of 2016. In fact, all Yuvi (as Yuvraj fans fondly call him) fans went mad to know even the minutest details of their nuptial. They, in fact, came out with a lovely hashtag of the amalgamation of their names – YuvZel!

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The cutesy couple tied the knot on November 30, 2016. And ever since they got married, none of them talked about their lives after marriage. The newlywed bride, Hazel shared a lot of things with a famous entertainment tabloid, Pinkvilla recently. After reading the details of this interview, we can surely say that she is such a sweetheart.

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Talking about how things have changed between the two after marriage, Hazel was found quoting:

“Between us, not really. I think we are kind of happier now and we both have the security of marriage with us. You know he is far busier now, so I hardly see him post-marriage.”

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And when she was asked about her support for Yuvraj during the IPL, she said:

"Well, never having watched IPL before and the only cricket match I watched was the one in Delhi in 2015. And I am only interested in the game if he is playing. And if he is not, then I am really not interested. Now, I understand the game a little better and I get the basics of it."

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On being asked if she has discovered something new about Yuvi after getting married to him, here’s what she stated:

“Not really. We are exactly the same. We are very transparent in that sense.”

Moving on, when she was asked about her comeback on the silver screen, she was quoted as saying:

"I am very happy and looking for a good script. I recently was working in production for a film. It's like I have to choose between a job and spending time with him RIGHT NOW. So, we have been married only for three months and I think now I have to support him."

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As many of you might know that Yuvraj’s father Yograj stated that he wasn’t invited to his son’s wedding (read more here). When Hazel was impelled to tell how true it was, here’s what she said:

“With regards to that, we are not going to exclude anyone with two families coming together. We were trying to respect everyone. For that, we had two rituals - one Sikh wedding and one Hindu ceremony. Whatever he wants to say, it's up to him. It wasn't that he wasn't invited, he was ABSOLUTELY welcomed.”

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We all are already aware of the fact that when Virat doesn’t play well on ground, Anushka is always blamed for the same. Now that Hazel too got married to a sport person, let’s have a look at her take on this:

“With social media, there is a fashion that we speak louder than we think. It has just become a platform where people just judge and spread anger and hate. These cricketers work so hard, be it training schedules or their diet. I do think that it's unfair to criticise anyone if they are having a bad day. But, then you can't stop howling. We have kind of lost compassion in the human race. We tend to become really harsh.”

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And when she was asked about Yuvraj being a cancer survivor and an inspiration to all others out there, she stated:

“Cancer is something that can happen to anyone like a sportsperson who is eating right and doing his bit correctly. Cancer really takes your life away. He has fought cancer and is now back on the field playing cricket. He is a hero and he really has overcome so much. He is a human being with inspiration. He is also focusing on how to help people who are battling cancer. He was fortunate enough to have a mother like that. She is his pillar in its truest sense. I know people call him a mamma's boy but she has been devoted to him at the time of cancer.”


The actress was also asked about her and Yuvraj's plans on having a baby, to which she responded back with a giggle saying:

"Nothing set stone as of now. It'll happen when it has to happen as our marriage happened. It's destiny. I don't know how will it happen, if I am pregnant will he be around as he has to travel so much."

And finally she spilled some beans on how easy it was for her to gel with Yuvraj’s family:

“It wasn't difficult at all. My mum is in Indian and dad is English, but I have been accustomed to the Indian culture. I know nothing of Punjabi language though (laughs). I have adjusted completely as Yuvraj's mom is very liberal and she completely understands. Their Babaji is someone who is a saint in the form of a grandfather. It might sound strange as I have been raised in England, but Babaji is always around when you need his guidance.”

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As far as Yuvraj's professional front is talked about, he did an amazing job in IPL 2017 where he scored his fastest IPL fifty against Royal Challengers Bangalore. It took him only 23 balls to attain to his half-century, which included 6 boundaries and 2 sixes at an impressive strike rate of 216.66. It seems that Hazel has brought luck into Yuvi's life. In fact, Yograj once stated this in an interview earlier:

“I was introduced to her (Hazel) by Yuvraj and she is a very nice girl. I am confident that marrying her will change his fortunes and he will return to the national squad. He definitely has it in him to represent India.”

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Aww…She is such a cutie pie. We wish this lovely duo, Yuvraj and Hazel all the very best for their life ahead. May their marital journey be filled with lots and lots of love and all the happiness n this world.

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