Hania Aamir's 'Different' Look In A Video Where She Mimicked Sajal Ali, Caught Netizens' Attention

Pakistan actress, Hania Aamir once impersonated Sajal Ali during an interview. A clip of the same goes viral, and netizens pointed out that Hania now looks much different than a few years back.


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Hania Aamir's 'Different' Look In A Video Where She Mimicked Sajal Ali, Caught Netizens' Attention

Pakistani dramas have witnessed a massive surge in terms of popularity in the last few decades. The depiction of modern-day socio-political issues, along with other relatable themes in these dramas, drive their popularity among the masses. The actors who work in these dramas directly benefit from such popularity. Some of these actors have become a cult in the industry, and their fanbase just keeps mounting with every drama that they sign up for. 

Hania Aamir and Sajal Ali are among those Pakistani actors who have won a million hearts worldwide by virtue of their craft while working in such dramas. These two are some of the most famous actresses from Lollywood in contemporary times, and the duo share an adorable bond, and a viral video is proof of the same.

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Hania Aamir once adorably impersonated Sajal Ali during an interview

In a viral video, a much-younger, Hania Aamir, mimics the Kuch Ankahi actress, Sajal Ali, during an interview. The 26-year-old actress impersonated how the latter once talked to her mother. Hania revealed that Sajal had called her ‘pyaari’ and ‘khoobsurat’. She said: 

“‘Mashallah aunty bohot pyaari beti hai aapki.’ Meri ammi se phone pe baat ho rahi thi wo kehti mujhe do, mujhe do. (Wo kehti) ‘aunty aap apni beti k nazar utaara karein itni pyaari Mashallah, itni khoobsurat’. Bas iss tarah ki cute cute, choti choti baatein karti hai”.

Check the video here.

Netizens pointed out that Hania Aamir used to look different back then

The video has been shared by a fan page and has garnered over 667k views. But our attention was caught by the comments shared by the netizens on the reel. Numerous IG users pointed out that Hania Aamir used to look very innocent and super cute, but now her facial features have changed completely. A user commented, “She has quite some visible changes right now, like high cheekbones and lips.”  Someone else said, “Her chin, teeth, lips, and cheeks are so different now.” Check out the other comments:

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Sajal Ali and Hania Aamir share their unfiltered personal lives on social media

Both Sajal Ali and Hania Aamir are quite active on their respective Instagram accounts. Every now and then, the two Pakistani divas share unfiltered updates about their personal lives on their IG accounts. Recently, the 29-year-old Sajal Ali posted an ethereal snap of herself on social media. She was wearing a simple floral kurta and paired it with Patiala pants. In the same post, she interacted with a few of her fans.

On the other hand, Hania Aamir just came from her trip to London, United Kingdom. In the past few weeks, the 26-year-old has shared many fun moments with her 10.9 million followers. Even she is someone who interacts with her fans in the comment box. Previously, a user commented that he regrets the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan, to which the actress replied, “Itni tension nai lete.”

Do you guys think Hania Aamir looks different now? Share your thoughts with us.

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