4 Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends


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4 Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends

Indian weddings are indeed incomplete without the pranks that groomsmen or the groom’s best friends pull off on the bridal party. In fact, there are special ceremonies where some form of teasing and leg pulling are allowed. However, there might be some who do not realise that they are crossing the line. They in fact, end up playing a spoilsport. They not only spoil the wedding fun, but also leave a bad impression with the wedding party.

So, here are four smart ways you can handle the groom’s rowdy friends before they take things too far.

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#1. Talk to your fiancé

Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends

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If you feel that a friend or two of your would-be husband have the potential to create mischief at your wedding, then do talk to him about it. Do not go and say anything directly to them. They are his friends and he will know how to deal with them better. Very politely and with proper evidence, explain to your fiancé as to how his friend can be a potential troublemaker. He can do the needful to make sure that everything goes off smoothly. If you ask him not to invite this particular friend to the wedding, the situation might get sticky.

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#2. Assign them tasks to divert their attention

Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends

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Assign responsibilities of mild importance to his friends so that they do not have time to plan or create mischief. In fact, those with rakish instincts are considered the best at performing any task given to them. Therefore, ask your fiancé to request them to take charge of a few things here and there.

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#3. Change their seating arrangement

Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends

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If it is a reception dinner with formal seating arrangement, then show some ingenuity and do not seat all his friends together. Try not to appear too obvious in your plans to keep them apart by making each one of them seat at a different table. Say, if there are ten groomsmen and three are the real troublemakers, then you can seat four or five of them at the same table, with the mischievous ones separated from each other.

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#4. Do something about the alcohol

Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends

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In many cases, alcohol brings out the real hellion in the people, and therefore, you must try designing ways to keep his friends away from alcohol. A drunken best man or groomsmen can spill even the nastiest secrets of the groom in their speech. So, when you propose a plan to keep alcohol far from their reach, it is highly likely that your fiancé will support your plans. Conspire with the caterer to slow down alcoholic drinks to their table during reception dinner or direct non-alcoholic drinks their way.

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Most importantly, there must be a person in the groom’s wedding party who can take care of sticky situations when they arise. Delegate him to handle his tipsy friends and prevent them from creating a scene.

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