Get Ready To Hit The Dance Floor As The Best Wedding Song Of The Year Is Out


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Get Ready To Hit The Dance Floor As The Best Wedding Song Of The Year Is Out

If there is one thing that the whole world agrees on undisputedly, it is weddings. Weddings are fun; they are full of rituals, colours, masti and of course music. We constantly wait for some or the other wedding to happen in the family, just so that we can get dressed beautifully and dance to our heart’s content.

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Most of us even have our wedding song lists ready, don’t we? Well, great if you have a list. And, even if you do not, you now have a reason to make one. The most rocking wedding song of the year 2016 is out now and you will totally fall in love with it.

Guessed it? The song which we have been talking about is Kaala Chashma from the upcoming Bollywood movie, Baar Baar Dekho, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif as the leads.

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If you are thinking that the name of the song sounds a little familiar, then you are right. This is a revamped version of the good ol’ Tainu Kaala Chashma Jachda Ve by Amar Arshi, a hip-swinging party number that was released in 2005. Yes, it has been 11 years since that rocking party started first came out. Even then it had people dancing to the beats like crazy.

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And now, with Badshah’s rap and Neha Kakkar’s vocals added to it, along with the original voice of Amar Arshi, this song has set the dance metre soaring! Once you listen to it, you will not be able to stop. It is easily the biggest wedding hit of the year, although it just released today (27 July, 2016).

Here, take a look at the video yourself and we dare you to stop yourself from dancing along:

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It is even better than the original track, isn’t it? Well. We cannot say anything about Baar Baar Dekho yet, but yes, this song definitely falls in the baar baar suno category.

Especially with the great choreography, and a very hot and fresh couple, Katrina and Sidharth, breaking the dance floor.

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Ladies and gentleman, you have your freshest party song of the season ready! So go ahead, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Happy listening (and dancing)!

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