Genelia Deshmukh And Riteish Deshmukh Make The Greatest Wish For Son Riaan On His Birthday


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Genelia Deshmukh And Riteish Deshmukh Make The Greatest Wish For Son Riaan On His Birthday

Experiencing parenthood is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth. Witnessing the life which was inside you, grow into unimpeachable human being, is something that every parent yearns for. Seeing that little life you nurtured inside you, growing up steadily, makes you want to stop time and live life to the fullest with them, isn’t it the wish of every parent? And some celebrity Bollywood parents are exactly leading this life! (Do Read: Kundali Bhagya Star Neel Motwani Redefines 'Unique' Gift, Names A Star On Girlfriend Vindhya Tiwary)

Genelia Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh are one of the most loved couples of the B-town. It has been 6 years that the duo have been married, but their love for each other only seems to increase with each passing day. A recent black and white picture of the couple, posted by both Genelia and Riteish had some beautiful captions for each other. Going all smiles for the camera, Genelia wrote, “I like us... #partnerforlife #mostfavouriteperson #cantgoadaywithoutyou” and Riteish wrote, “7 billion smiles and yours is my favourite.” Here’s the picture:

Genelia Deshmukh And Riteish Deshmukh

If that made you drool, we will ask you to wait! It was Genelia and Riteish’s elder son, Riaan’s 4th birthday on November 24, 2018 and both his star parents took to Instagram to express their love for their little munchkin. Sharing an adorable picture, the doting mommy wrote, “My Dearest Riaan, Happy Birthday my Baby Boy. I wish you Joy, I wish you Happiness, I wish you Love and I wish you the whole world in all its glory.. Life is living You, Seeing you grow, Seeing Conquer and seeing you make everyone around you so so happy..I want to be the best version of myself because I don’t want to let you down and that’s my life’s biggest ambition..I Love You #mysonmylife #myeverything #myhero #mylittleking.”

Genelia Deshmukh Birthday Wish for son

Riteish too, posted an adorable picture where he is seen kissing the hand of his munchkin and wrote, “Dear Riaan, You are my prayer, you are the goodness within me, you are the happiness my heart seeks, you are the smile my eyes wanna see - you are my Super Hero - you are my strength. Today is your Birthday -I wish you all the love the world my son. #LifeLine.” Here’s the picture: (Read On! Smriti Khanna Gets A High-End Designer Bracelet From Gautam On 1st Wedding Anniversary, Pic Inside)

Riteish Deshmukh Birthday Wish

A year after Riaan was born, Riteish spoke at length, about his life after embracing parenthood in a 2015 throwback interview with DNA. Sharing his fatherhood tools, the Banjo star stated, “To give him space and to teach him to respect. I think that’s the core of any person. If you learn to respect, everything else will follow because that is the basic root of how you develop as a human being, as a person. You have to understand the value of respect. You can’t expect to be respected without respecting someone.  So, I hope that I am able to instill that core value.”

Genelia Deshmukh And Riteish Deshmukh  Son Riaan

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In an interview, Genelia too, opened up about motherhood and had shared, “When I became an actor, things changed. And even when I got married, things changed. Which is why I wouldn’t call it a change, but a part of growing up. It is a part of life and it’s about adjusting to each new phase. As a person, motherhood has taught me a lot and it made me more aware. I have always considered myself as an aware person, but I think it has doubled or tripled after motherhood.”

Genelia Deshmukh and son

Do you know, Riaan is extremely protective about his younger sibling, Rahyl? In a 2016 interview with Hindustan Times, Riteish was quoted as saying, “Riaan absolutely dotes on him. It is good to see that kind of bonding. Sometimes, when I look at them, it makes me wonder if I was like that as a kid?” On November 14, 2018, Genelia posted a heartfelt wish for her two children and wrote, “Dearest Riaan and Rahyl... Happy Children’s day ... My Life is you 2 and I’m glad I keep it so simple because I Love every single minute that we spend together and I promise you that no matter who you meet in Life I Will still be that person who loves you the most.. I know that’s what all mum’s say, I’m just glad I got blessed to say it to you.. Thank You for making my Life worth it #childrenarethebest #heartandsoul #allmine.” (Must Read: Ginnni Chatrath's Father Said 'Shut Up' And Rejected Kapil Sharma's Proposal To Marry His Daughter)

Riaan and Rahyl

Aren’t they ‘awww-dorable’? In a throwback interview, the Housefull star spoke about balancing work and family. He had then revealed, “Every actor on the set has come to realise that you need to set aside a certain number of hours for family. I have blocked some Sundays but invariably, some days I am expected to work. But I have decided to make more time for family because, at the end of the day, I am the one who is losing out. With kids around, you just learn new things every day. Parenting changes every generation. I don’t know if fathers then were as involved as fathers today. But right now, Genelia is the mother and father, both.”

Deshmukh family

Riaan, we wish you a belated happy birthday! Tonnes of happiness and love to you!

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