Virat Kohli To Malaika Arora, Celebrities Who Drink Black Water, But Is It Safe For You?

Many Bollywood celebrities are spotted with a bottle of black alkaline water. But is drinking alkaline water safe? Let's take a detailed look at its advantages and disadvantages.


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Virat Kohli To Malaika Arora, Celebrities Who Drink Black Water, But Is It Safe For You?

We all know that hydrated skin is happy skin. Water is essential to life as it regulates body temperature, delivers nutrients to cells, improves sleep quality and uplifts your mood. But there is a growing trend of alkaline water among health enthusiasts. Staring from Virat Kohli to Malaika Arora, many Bollywood celebs have been spotted with expensive bottles of black alkaline water, claiming its potential health benefits.

Companies and many people advocate that consuming black alkaline water bounces your pH and protects you against certain diseases like heart disease or obesity. Whereas a few people also believe that alkaline water does not make any difference to your body. Well, water has never been so trendy and complicated ever. So, before hopping into the list of celebrities who consume expensive black alkaline water for its said benefits, let us first understand what alkaline water is? And what are the advantages of drinking alkaline water?

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What is alkaline water? 


You might be wondering how alkaline water is different from regular water. Well, normal water has a pH level of 6 to 7, with zero minerals in it. On the other hand, the pH of alkaline water is above 8. It is considered a nutrient-rich beverage as it contains Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). These ingredients help in making alkaline water more alkaline and less basic. For the unversed, a pH level, range from 0 to 14, where 0 is most acidic, and 14 is most alkaline.


For example, foods like lemon and pineapple fall under the most acidic category, whereas potatoes and avocado fall under the most alkaline category. Evidence suggests that you can improve your health by eating more alkaline food. Coming back to the water, the pH level in your regular water is 6-7, which is why it's perfect for hydration. And alkaline water has a pH value above 8 or 9. Is it necessary to drink alkaline water to lead a healthy life? Let us uncover its claimed health advantages, side effects and the names of Bollywood biggies who consume it. Have a look! 

Alleged advantages

#1. It reduces heartburn


There is no denying that normal water goes the best with most people. But, a 2012 study suggests that drinking naturally carbonated alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 may benefit patients with reflux, a digestive disease in which stomach acid irritates the food pipe. The report suggests that drinking alkaline water may deactivate pepsin, the main digestive enzyme causing acid reflux. However, it was just a laboratory study, and we need more scientific evidence to back up this claim. 

#2. Slows the ageing process


Nobody wants to look older and to achieve healthier-looking skin, people try different hacks and plunge into healthy diets. However, most people fail to achieve the desired result due to a lack of knowledge. Similarly, many people drink alkaline water as they believe it neutralizes the body, slows down the ageing process and increases energy. However, in an experiment, when asked about whether we need fancy water to maintain our body's pH, Physician Dr Jennifer Caudle had said that the idea of slowing down the ageing process does excite her. Still, the fact is our body already knows how to balance the pH on its own. She had said: 

"Slowing down the ageing process sounds good to me too. Don't get me wrong, but our bodies do a great job of neutralizing and managing our pH on its own, it actually does it by itself, which is a really wonderful thing." 

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#3. Reduces high blood pressure and diabetes


In a 2016 research, 100 people were asked to consume high pH alkaline water after a workout, and others were asked to drink normal water. In their study, the researchers had found that the 100 people who consumed high pH alkaline water had reduced viscosity of 6.3% compared to 3.3% of those who drank regular water. For those who don't know, viscosity is the measurement of how effectively blood flows. Hence, drinking alkaline water can improve the oxygen flow in your body. 


Other claims suggest alkaline water helps improve skin health, provides extra hydration, has cancer resistance properties, and helps in weight loss. Although, there is not enough scientifically proven evidence available other than the promotional claims of the companies. In a research published by Dr Tanis Fenton in the journal BMJ Open, he had said that he could not find any proper studies to back the claims. He had stated:

"Despite the promotion of the alkaline diet and alkaline water by the media and salespeople, there is almost no actual research to either support or disprove these ideas." 

What are the disadvantages of alkaline water?

#1 Lowering of natural stomach acid


Everything comes with a disadvantage, and we should never ignore them. For example, consuming too much alkaline water can lower your natural stomach acids, which actually help to kill bacteria and unwanted pathogens. So, if you have decided to drink black water, you should know to take proper caution.

#2 Vomiting and skin-related issues


Too much alkalinity in your body can disturb your body's natural pH, resulting in nausea, vomiting, and muscle twitching. It can also give you skin-related issues and lower your body's calcium levels. 

Now, let us look at some celebs who had picked up this black alkaline beverage, which cost Rs. 200 per litre, as their go-to beverage. 

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#1 Malaika Arora 

Fitness enthusiast and actress, Malaika Arora was papped with a bottle of black alkaline water outside her yoga class. She had sported a black and white chic sportswear. The black alkaline water by the label, Evocus has 70 minerals and a high pH level. When asked about the water, Malaika had admitted to the photographers that she intakes black alkaline water.

#2 Karan Johar

Famous Bollywood director and producer, Karan Johar had also hopped into the trend of drinking black alkaline water. When questioned by the paparazzi, Karan had said that he drinks black water because everyone around him drank it, and he also felt it was a healthy beverage.

#3 Shruti Haasan

In a short Instagram video, actress, Shruti Haasan, had held a long glass full of black water and had revealed that the black water tasted no different from regular water. She had said:

"I have been so excited about this black water. But it turns out it is not black, but it's alkaline water. So it tastes just like water."

#4 Virat Kohli

virat kohli

The famous cricketer, Virat Kohli, was also spotted drinking black water as it is said to reduce depression, help in weight loss, and improve skin health. However, it is the price of black water that caught our attention. As per reports, Virat's beverages are imported from France, and it comes for Rs. 3000 to 4000 per litre.

Water has never been so controversial and fancy at the same time. Even though there is a lack of proper evidence and studies to support the health benefit claims of alkaline water, there are few people who have decided to give it a try. What do you think about black water? Let us know!

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