From Love On The Sets To Secret Temple Marriage, Here's How Sudha Chandran United With Ravi Dang

All quests for love are not smooth, and Sudha Chandran's love story with the man of her life, Ravi Dang was no less than a difficult struggle. Check it out!


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From Love On The Sets To Secret Temple Marriage, Here's How Sudha Chandran United With Ravi Dang

One of the legendary Bharatnatyam dancers and highly accoladed actresses of Indian Television, Sudha Chandran needs no introduction. Setting exemplary achievements with her mesmerising dance forms right from the age of 3, Sudha has made a long and successful way to infinite stardom and unconditional love. But her journey has been no bed of roses, be it her acting career or her personal life.

Sudha Chandran’s traumatic past

Despite being a phenomenal dancer, Sudha’s life came to a halt at the mere age of 17 years in 1981, when she met with a terrible road accident. While her life was left unharmed, the event left a huge mark on the very spirit of her being. Her leg got injured so badly that it turned gangrenous and the doctors were left with no other choice than to get it amputated. However, she did not fret away and even with a prosthetic leg, she continued her dance, and got established as one of the prolific dancers of Bharatnatyam.


Sudha’s acting debut

Gradually after the accident, Sudha started to see the silver lining of success and recognition. Quite surprisingly, her unfortunate accident and fighting spirit had reached the masses, making her an overnight inspiration for many. She got her first break in acting in the Tamil film, Mayuri, which was based on her true-life experiences. This debut performance instantly set the base for her hidden talent in acting and filled her kitty with back-to-back film offers, making her an instant audience favourite. Thus, Sudha’s career in dance got superimposed with her acting mettle, as she soon became recognised for her negative character portrayals both on television and on the silver screen.


Sudha’s star-crossed love at the sets

While initially, the stage was her forte, Sudha did not realise what the shooting sets had in store for her. As she progressed more and more with each passing acting stint, her name began to rise in every common household. However, it was also at this time when the most beautiful phase of her life was about the blossom. During one of her shoots for a new project, Sudha met her now-husband, Ravi Dang, who happened to be the associate director of that project itself. Sudha was smitten immediately with the charms of Ravi, and it was a case of love at first sight for her. Later in an interview, Sudha had vividly described her first meeting with Ravi and had said:

“I was acting in that film when I was introduced to him. It was during the making of the film that we fell in love and later decided to get married.”

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Ravi and Sudha’s years of dating

Well, for Sudha, Ravi turned out to be the perfect man of her dreams. Right from the first day of their relationship, Sudha knew that he was the man of her life forever. She was smitten with his qualities of humility, as he had accepted her without even a slight hesitation towards her physical deformity. Ravi, too, found the perfect love match in Sudha, a life partner with whom he could easily picture the rest of his happy life. From romantic dates at the Juhu beach to sneaking in a few cherished moments in between the shoot schedules, Ravi and Sudha’s love story blossomed like no other.

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Struggle with Sudha’s parents for approving their relationship

Well, a love story without any fight for union seems incomplete and unrealistic, and Sudha and Ravi’s love was also not without its fair share of tribulations. Sudha’s parents were absolutely stringent about her and Ravi’s match since they were unsure of his fortunes. Since Sudha was the only daughter born in a true Tamil family, it was also difficult for her parents to accept such a relationship outside their community. Sudha, much later in her life, had once reminisced the testing times of her love life, and had recalled:

“My parents opposed our marriage since he is a Punjabi and I am a Tamilian. Even though we tried convincing them, they did not agree. So, we decided to go ahead and get married. We got married at the Chiranagar Murugan Temple in Chembur.”

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Eloping for love and secret marriage

Staying headstrong in their decision to be with each other forever, Sudha and Ravi decided not to forgo their love and eloped together to get married secretly. Without informing both their families and other relatives, the duo got married at a small traditional wedding ceremony in Chirag Nagar Murugan Temple in Chembur in the year 1994.

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Sudha’s heaps of praises for hubby, Ravi

Ever since their marriage, Sudha has always felt blessed to have someone as humble, honest and good-natured as Ravi in her life. She cannot stop, but heap praises on him, considering how he stood beside her no matter what, even if it meant for her to go against the wishes of her parents. His absolutely non-judgemental behaviour towards her physical impediment filled her heart with warmth and a sense of safety. Recalling how it felt being with Ravi, Sudha had once mentioned:

“With Ravi, I discovered the joy of creating a safe, loving and healthy environment that helped us build our relationship.”

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Sudha and Ravi's life without kids

Even after celebrating their union of almost twenty-plus years, the stunning couple, Sudha and Ravi have not yet been blessed with any children. However, this fact certainly does not dishearten them, as they feel their company with one another is just more than sufficient. However, in an interview with Kairali TV, Sudha was asked about her stance on not having kids in her marital life and whether she would prefer adopting a child with her husband. To this, Sudha mentioned that she and her husband do not believe in adoption, as it would make the child believe they would be a burden to the parents.


Even after 29 years of marriage, Sudha and Ravi’s life is as fresh and as romantic as that of any pair of teenage lovers. Their star-crossed match makes us fall in love with the idea of love even more profoundly!

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