From Kareena Kapoor To Alia Bhatt: Bollywood Divas And Their Hacks For Healthy Hair

For all those desirous of great-hair days almost every time, have a look at these tips from your favourite actresses for gorgeous, smooth hair!


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From Kareena Kapoor To Alia Bhatt: Bollywood Divas And Their Hacks For Healthy Hair

Our hair has the total capacity to either make or completely break the look for the day. Therefore, it becomes an essential part of a person’s identification, so they tend to go beyond extra to try and take utmost care of the hair. However, with the ever-expanding lifestyle changes, hair becomes one of the easiest targets of damage, with problems like dryness, dandruff and hair fall.

To tackle these, our hair needs some effective solutions that give off the best and most positive results. And what better if we could get our hands on some interesting tips for gorgeous hair coming straight from some of the leading Bollywood actresses? There you go! Inspiring and entertaining us with their mesmerising performances, have a look at some of these effective hacks used by the leading divas of Bollywood to get healthy hair.

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#1. Kareena Kapoor’s deep-oiling hack


Who would believe that the queen of millions of hearts would swear by simply oiling as a way to gorgeous hair? Well, it is true. Kareena prefers to go the simple, old-school way of oiling her hair generously. An oil massage for the hair helps in boosting blood circulation and strengthens it from root to tip. It also helps to make hair longer and full of life.

#2. Priyanka Chopra’s love for hair mask


The globally renowned desi girl, Priyanka Chopra, loves to take her hair care a notch higher by opting for some effective hair masks. However, these hair masks are not cosmetically made and instead are made out of readily available ingredients at home, like yoghurt, honey and egg. It makes the hair smooth in texture and extremely soft and lively.

#3. Katrina Kaif and her hair serums


Taking utmost care of her beautiful tresses, Katrina prefers to be minimalist and practical in her approach to hair care. Being one of the leading actresses of her generation, she keeps in mind that her hectic schedule does not take a toll on her hair. To keep them frizz-free, undamaged and without tangles, she uses hair serums and leave-on-conditioners to make the hair appear vibrant.

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#4. Deepika Padukone’s cold water hair wash


Bringing a small change can reap magnificent results, and Deepika Padukone also abides by it. Flaunting her tresses in various styles proves how much she cares for them. However, the one basic rule Deepika religiously follows is to use cold water during a hair wash instead of hot water. The cold water helps lock moisture in the roots and closes open cuticles during the wash, thereby preventing hair breakage.

#5. Alia Bhatt’s leave-on-oil hack


From high makeup, strong lights to heating products, actresses face everything adverse to the natural features to portray a character perfectly. For Alia Bhatt, she loves to give her skin and hair a break from all these extremities and take good care of them. For instance, she oils her hair a day before shampooing and keeps it overnight. It helps nourish the hair strands and builds a layer of protection from all the heat, and damages it faces during shoots.

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#6. Bipasha Basu’s belief in onion juice


Onions work great for the hair, and the stunning Bipasha Basu abides by its goodness too. To make her hair strong against breakage, she applies freshly obtained onion juice to her hair. The onion juice, in its very raw form, provides direct nourishment to the hair and enhances hair growth. It also aids in boosting the collagen content of the scalp.

#7. Kangana Ranaut and her hair spas


Looking beautiful in her naturally curled tresses, the incredible actress Kangana Ranaut makes her presence and work speak louder than her words. However, it is no doubt that her hair catches attention in no time. Handling her busy schedule, Kangana takes out time to visit the salon for hair spas, to cure it from dryness and damage.

#8. Yami Gautam’s homemade hair scrub


Like our skin, the scalp, too, needs a scrub once in a while, which is milder than regular skin scrubs. Revealing an easy and effective hair scrub hack at home, the talented Yami Gautam uses the power of turmeric, sugar and honey to scrub her hair scalp naturally. This helps to get rid of the dead scalp cells at the hair roots and thereby enhances the results of shampoo.

Well, which one of these hacks would you like to try? Let us know.

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