Fardeen Khan-Natasha Madhvani's Life So Far: From Losing Twins Babies To Actor Gaining 18 Kg Weight

If reports are to be believed Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhvani are heading for divorce. However, not many know that the actor had left his entire film career to be with his family in times of need.


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Fardeen Khan-Natasha Madhvani's Life So Far: From Losing Twins Babies To Actor Gaining 18 Kg Weight

Fardeen Khan was hailed as the hottest man in the industry when he entered the filmy world in the late '90s. He is the son of the late legendary actor and producer, Feroz Khan. The actor made his Bollywood debut with Prem Aggan in 1998 and received much positive feedback. While he rose to fame within a short span, he left the filmy world to be with his family in times of extreme need. 

Fardeen had a playboy image in all of his films, but in reality, he is a family man, whose life revolves around his relationship. Fardeen Khan's entire world shook when his father, Feroz Khan passed away in 2008, after fighting with lung cancer. At the same time, his wife, Natasha Madhvani, was dealing with a difficult IVF journey to embrace motherhood. All these circumstances forced Fardeen to leave the acting world. Read on as we take a look at their life so far!

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Fardeen Khan left acting to support his wife, Natasha Madhvani, as she lost twin babies in the sixth month of pregnancy

Fardeen Khan tied the knot with Natasha Madhwani, the daughter of Mumtaz, in 2005. When Fardeen Khan's father passed away in 2008, he took time off during the same period when he was keen on starting a family with his wife. However, they faced a lot of challenges as they opted for IVF. They even had a bad experience with doctors in Mumbai, and his wife suffered a lot. 


Fardeen Khan shifted his base to London to be with his wife, Natasha, as they consulted doctors. However, God had another plan; they had twins during one of their initial pregnancies, and his wife lost them at six months. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Fardeen Khan talked about the same and said:

"In 2011, we made a shift to London, we found a really really nice doctor there. In one of her initial pregnancies, we had twins, and she lost them at six months. So that was very very hard for us, it was a tough time. She did a live birth, and we lost the babies."

Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhvani

Later in 2013, Fardeen and Natasha embraced parenthood with the arrival of their baby girl. He accepted that he was left overjoyed after dealing with such a big loss of losing twins. The actor further accepted that they wanted another child to complete their family, and he was hoping it to be a son. In 2017, God blessed them with a son, keeping the actor occupied. 

fardeen khan

When Fardeen Khan gained 18 kgs of weight

It was in 2016 when Fardeen Khan's rare appearance shocked his fans. The actor had gained almost eighteen kgs of weight. He also faced a lot of trolling for the same. Once, he lashed out at trolls for taking a dig at his weight. However, Fardeen left everyone shocked by losing weight in 2020. Once in a media interaction with ETimes, Fardeen revealed that when you grow older, your body degeneration catches you. 

Fardeen revealed that he decided to get back in shape, started eating right and healthy, and coupled it with correct workouts. He had lost 18 kg within six months. 

Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhvani's heading for divorce

According to a report in The Times Of India, it is being said that Fardeen and Natasha have been living separately for a year. They have decided to part ways as differences in their marriage have cropped up. The report also stated that Fardeen is residing in Mumbai with his mother. On the other hand, Natasha is in London with her family. 

Well, we wonder what went wrong in Fardeen and Natasha's lives.

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