Esha Deol's Bestie Shilarna Vaze Becomes Mother, Shares The 1st Pic And Name Of The Baby


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Esha Deol's Bestie Shilarna Vaze Becomes Mother, Shares The 1st Pic And Name Of The Baby

A lot of our Bollywood divas have entered a new phase in their lives by embracing motherhood. One after the other, our favourite celeb couples are giving us the good news of entering into parent’s squad and sharing pictures of their little ones. We can’t stop drooling over one celeb kid, and we get the news of another one to drool over!

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Recently, we shared the news of Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani being on cloud nine with the arrival of their little princess, Radhya Takhtani. And no later, Esha’s bestie and her co-actor in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum Shilarna Vaze also entered motherhood.

Shilarna and Esha Deol

Renowned celeb chef Shilarna Vaze aka Chinu Gaia Gourmet is married to Christophe Perrin who also happens to be a chef, and the couple together run their own gourmet catering service Gaia Home Chef (now Gaia Gourmet).

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Shilarna and Christophe

Shilarna welcomed her little baby girl on October 24, 2017. Shilarna flaunted her pregnancy journey like a pro on her official Instagram account and she also shared her daughter’s first picture revealing her name. (Also Read: Esha Attended The Maharashtrian Style 'Godh Bharai' Of Her Bestie From Second Standard)

This is the picture that she shared:

Shilarna and Christophe

With the most heart-warming caption:

“Our little Zanskar Stella Perrin arrived on 24th October already challenging all our pre-conceived notions on how she should be. Here is a little something from my pregnancy diary while I was in the Andamans pregnant with her.. if I can be even half a parent like this I’ll be happy "We are right now in one of the most beautiful places of this earth we call Gaia. I want you to know that where we live, on this blue green round planet, has many amazing places like this. Places where nature is free and unburdened by the human race. Where the air is pure and the trees are hundreds of years old and their roots go so deep that they almost go to the centre of the earth. I want you to see this beauty through my eyes. Feel the crystal blue sea as I float in it. I feel you floating as well as I float, both of us enveloped in warm, nourishing water."

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It further added:

"The blue of the sea is the bluest blue but different from the blue sky. I float in the sea with you and look out at the ancient Mahua trees that line the beach. Just like the sea and sky are the bluest blue, the trees are the greenest green. I feel free and that is the most important thing I want you to feel. You are free. If I had one wish I would wish for you freedom. Freedom from any karmic baggage of your own or of your parents, free from my complexes and insecurities, free to be who you are knowing that whatever you choose to be is the most perfect form of expression of your particular experience of being human and you will always be loved. I am trying to release all my unfinished emotional business before you come. I want to be a clean slate for you. I am trying to release my pettiness and meanness, I am actively forgiving and asking for forgiveness of those who have hurt me and I have hurt and I'm trying to be a kinder, more compassionate, less judgmental, less petty, loving person."

And went like this:

"Your papa is all these things already. He is one of the gentlest, sweetest people I know. Thank god for him. He is my balance and will be yours too. He is very excited to be your father. We will show you that life is good, free, happy and you have lots of love and support for whatever you want to be.”

Shilarna and Christophe

Isn’t this so touching? Their little mini version is as cute as the couple. Zanskar Stella is lucky to have Shilarna and Christophe as her parents. We congratulate Shilarna and Christophe and wish their little family lots of love, luck and success. For more updates related to your favourite B-town celebs, stay tuned with us.

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