Disha Patani Reveals The Qualities She Admires About Her Alleged Beau Tiger Shroff

No matter how hard we try when we are in love it shows in our every action! Scroll down to know how Disha Patani cannot stop admiring her rumoured boyfriend, Tiger Shroff.


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Disha Patani Reveals The Qualities She Admires About Her Alleged Beau Tiger Shroff

We all crave for love that ignites our soul and gives our dream the right wings to fly. And an exactly similar love story allegedy brewed between Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff. However, the two never confessed about their feelings in the media and continued their 'just friends' stance. But as we say, 'There is no smoke without fire, there is no PDA without a little love'. (Recommend  Read: David Dhawan Gives Clarity On Son Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal's Wedding, Details Inside

The two are the most-talked about couple of the B-town and have never shied away from being photographed together. And thanks to their smoking hot chemistry, they continue to sizzle in the hearts of their millions of fans. While everyone knows about the two, they are in no mood to accept their love. But that doesn't stop them praising for each other in the media interactions. 

Recently, in one of the media interactions with the DNADisha opened up about the qualities she admires in close pal, Tiger. She shared, "Both of us are hardworking, but he is more driven than me. We are ambitious and have big goals. However, I am more chilled out. He never gives up, he is so intense. I admire that about Tiger." (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra Recalls An Incident About Nick Jonas Which Made Her Sit And Analyse Their Relation)

In the same interview, Disha revealed she doesn't have any close pals in the Bollywood, and had stated, "Yes, he is my best friend too. Besides him, I don’t have any pals in the film industry." She also went on to say how no one has ever called her hot, "In my entire life, no guy has come up to me and said that they find me hot. No one flirts with me; they have not even attempted to do so. From my growing-up years until now, I haven’t been approached by anybody. I have a confession. During my childhood, I was a bit of a tomboy. My dad raised me like a boy. I even wore my hair short until I was in the ninth grade. It is only when I went to the 10th grade that I started growing my hair. I was also an introvert. In school, I was a quiet student and confined myself to the last bench."

Tiger and Disha's adorable PDA has served as couple goals for the millennials and we often wonder why they don't let the cat out of the bag. Recently, Tiger showed the world how to be a perfect boyfriend when he hosted a special screening for Disha as she was busy with the shooting of one of her films. However, it was so heartwarming to see him put in special effort in order to make his girl feel extra special. 

In a 2017 interview, Tiger had stated how he enjoys spending time with Disha, and had shared, "Frankly, I've not bothered to clarify and I don't read the [news] papers much. But yes, I really enjoy my time with her [Disha] whenever we get to spend some time. She's a great person and I can relate to her [in many ways] because she's very much like me. She's sort of an introvert just like me and is here to work."

In another interview, Tiger had shared how he handles all the speculations surrounding his muse, and had said "Well, I don’t deny my friendship with Disha when I am asked about it. That would be stupid. I handle it with a smile and a dose of evasive diplomacy. But I have to admit, the curiosity about our relationship is definitely helping our film. If people see us as a real-life couple, they will definitely appreciate our chemistry on screen." (Don't Miss: Aishwarya Rai Celebrates Mom Brindya Rai's Birthday With Abhishek-Aaradhya, Pics And Video Inside)

Well, we totally love Disha and Tiger's cute PDA! What about you?

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