Dipika Kakar On Being Accused Of Faking Baby Bump Using A Pillow, Says, 'We Also Feel Bad'

In a recent interview, Dipika Kakar talked about the trolling she received and shared how she was accused of showing off her baby bump by using a pillow.


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Dipika Kakar On Being Accused Of Faking Baby Bump Using A Pillow, Says, 'We Also Feel Bad'

Dipika Kakar and her darling husband, Shoaib Ibrahim are on cloud nine as the duo are counting the days to hold their soon-to-be-born baby in their arms. For the unversed, Dipika is presently in her third trimester of pregnancy. The celebrity duo often takes to their respective social media handles and YouTube channels to update their fans about their daily life. However, in a recent conversation with TV Times, Dipika Kakar opened up about the trolls and how sometimes they can be very impactful.

Dipika Kakar shared that she was accused of hiding her pregnancy and faking it by using a pillow

In a recent conversation with ETimes, the soon-to-be-mommy talked about the trolls and revealed one of the craziest comments that she received. Dipika shared that being a celebrity doesn't mean that they don't get hurt or upset. Talking about the same reason, she shared that one of the 'craziest things' she heard was that she was faking her bump. The actress revealed that she had been accused of hiding her pregnancy and people even trolled her that she used a pillow to fake her pregnancy. Elaborating on the same, Dipika shared:

"We also feel bad. We get upset. I think the craziest thing that I heard is that I’m faking the bump."

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Dipika Kakar slammed the trolls for accusing her of faking her baby bump with a pillow

Further in the conversation, the actress revealed how hurtful it was to listen to such a nasty comment. Dipika shared that she cannot understand people's thought process and just because she didn't want to show the world her baby bump, it doesn't mean people could make such hollow accusations. Reflecting on the same, the actress shared that:

"And I’m like… really? Either no one in their life has ever gotten pregnant. Or if these are women… I don’t understand this thought process...Just because I have not shown my bump to them openly, my pregnancy is fake. And I won’t show it. I don’t have to do such things to clarify such hollow accusations."


When Dipika Kakar talked about facing hardship during her miscarriage

Earlier in an interview with ETimes, Dipika Kakar talked about the first time she got pregnant and how the whole family was extremely happy with such news. The actress then talked about her miscarriage. Recalling the hard days, the actress shared how her family and her husband, Shoaib stood like a strong pillar beside her during those hard times. Dipika recalled how her family never let her feel that something bad happened.

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Further in the interview, Dipika Kakar shared how the miscarriage shook her entirely and that she needed quite a long time to come out of it. She also shared that the treatment she had to go through took a toll on her body. For the unversed, the actress had gone through a miscarriage in February 2022 when she was 6-7 weeks pregnant. Talking about the same, Dipika shared:

"I took my number of days to come out of it. I was undergoing a treatment and that took a very heavy toll on my body. You can’t get out of it alone, you need your family. You need your husband to be there with you.”

When Dipika Kakar and her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim announced their pregnancy

The soon-to-be-parents Dipika Kakar and her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim took down the internet with love as they shared their 'good news' with their fans. On January 22, 2023, the much-in-love duo took to their IG handle and dropped a cute picture where both could be seen twinning in white attires and white caps, with 'Mom to be' and 'Dad to be' written on them. After announcing their pregnancy, Shoaib shared why they took some time to announce the news. The actor shared that they consciously didn't reveal the news for three months as their doctors and family advised. 

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