Dipika Kakar Reveals How Shoaib Handles Her Mood Swings, Adds Their Would-Be Baby Is A 'Chai' Lover

In a recent interview, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim opened up about their pregnancy journey and revealed how the loving husband is dealing with his pregnant wife's mood swings.


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Dipika Kakar Reveals How Shoaib Handles Her Mood Swings, Adds Their Would-Be Baby Is A 'Chai' Lover

Television couple, Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are soon going to welcome their first baby into their lives. For the unversed, Dipika is currently in her third trimester. Dipika and Shoaib got married on February 22, 2018, and now after almost 5 years of marriage, the couple is ready to embrace parenthood. Recently, in an interview, the duo opened up about their pregnancy, relationship, and their family.

Dipika reveals she is enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest

Recently, a video has been shared on a YouTube channel titled 'First India Telly', wherein Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim opened up about their personal life with the host, Ashish Tiwari. In the interview, Dipika opened up about her pregnancy journey and shared that she has been enjoying this phase of her life freely and has been chilling throughout. At the same time, the actress talked about returning to work and mentioned that she has worked continuously for 15-16 years in her career so far, but now, she wants to enjoy her family life. 

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Dipika Kakar talks about her mood swings during pregnancy

 Dipika Kakar also spilled the beans on how Shoaib manages her pregnancy mood swings. Talking about the same, she revealed that in the initial 2-3 months of her pregnancy, she used to fight with Shoaib for no reason. Mentioning that she felt like crying a lot, Dipika shared that she had some complications in her pregnancy and was on medications, which led to hormonal imbalance. Revealing how Shoaib handled the situation, Dipika shared that her husband had convinced himself that come what may, he had to console her with love and stay calm.

Dipika-Shoaib reveals their soon-to-be-born baby is a 'chai' lover

Further in the conversation, Dipika revealed that she feels that their soon-to-be-born baby will be a carbon copy of Shoaib and added that he/she would have the same qualities as his/her dad. Then Shoaib mentioned that their baby would love tea, because even now, when Dipika takes a sip of tea, the baby moves inside her womb. Reacting to it, Deepika mentioned that their baby understands that their relationship is connected with tea only and shared that she and Shoaib used to drink tea whenever they met during their dating days. 

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Dipika-Shoaib talked about their proposal story

For the unversed, Shoaib and Dipika's love story started on the sets of the TV show, Sasural Simar Ka. In the same interview, Shoaib revealed that he realized his love for Dipika when he had left the show, and then they started dating, and their friendship turned into love. He also added that at that time, both he and Dipika were going through a difficult phase in their lives and thus became each other's pillar of strength. Dipika concluded by saying that they realised that their bond was more than friendship, but it was on the sets of the dance reality show, Nach Baliye, that Shoaib proposed to Dipika on national television.

Shoaib Ibrahim on seeing the baby scan for the first time

Though Shoaib has been there for Dipika throughout her pregnancy journey, he mentioned that he could not feel the emotions as much as his wife. However, he added that the moment he saw the baby scan for the first time, he went numb. Recalling the priceless moment, Shoaib shared that it was then that he realised that they are going to be parents to a baby. He further talked about experiencing baby kicks and stated that he feels very excited when it happens.

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