Dimpy Ganguly Writes A Heart-Warming Letter About Parenting Daughter, Reanna Based On Spirituality

Dimpy Ganguly is doing fantastic work in her 3-year-old job as a mother. You will always find Dimpy thanking the universe for bestowing her with an adorable little princess, Reanna.


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Dimpy Ganguly Writes A Heart-Warming Letter About Parenting Daughter, Reanna Based On Spirituality

Babies are like a fresh mould of clay and parents are their potters. Babies have an amazing memory and they notice you all the time. So, it is important to put your best foot forward in being able to shape your little moulding into an able ‘human being’. One such celeb mom, Dimpy Ganguly is doing fantastic work in her 3-year-old job as a mother. You will always find Dimpy thanking the universe for bestowing her with an adorable little princess, Reanna. (Do Read: Urvashi Dholakia Reveals Twins, Sagar And Kshitij's Acting Debut Amidst Never-Ending Nepotism Debate)

Dimpy Ganguly has never failed to grab the limelight ever since she had participated in Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvar. The twinkle in her eyes, dimpled smile and her efforts to win over all the other contestants were applauded by all. Dimpy and Rahul had gotten married and soon after, darkness brewed in her life when she had accused him of domestic violence and later, parted ways. But look what happens when you don’t let go of ‘hope’ in life! Dimpy is now a happy wife-cum-mom (wife to Rohit Roy and mommy to Reanna Roy) and is currently based out of Dubai and is living her life to the brim!

Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy

Dimpy Ganguly often shares sneak peeks from her life and #MommyDaughter diaries with her followers. In a latest Instagram post by her, Dimpy and Reanna give us all some major twinning goals. While the picture is adorable, it was the former model’s note on parenting, humanity, hope, religion and spirituality that caught our fancy. The same could be read as “I had recently shared a video where Reanna was bathing Shiva (a Hindu god) while chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. While mostly I received adorable messages and blessings for Reanna, my cousin brother, one of the deepest people I know, wrote back to me saying, his daughter (who is a year and a half younger to Reanna) is growing up without religion. My first instincts were “how cool!” I mean the amount of differences religion has caused in my country and in countries around the world; the wars fought, the bloodshed… Wouldn’t it be better if we only had one religion- humanity?”

dimpy and reanna

Dimpy Ganguly’s note further continued, “But then he goes on to tell me that his daughter doesn’t know what praying or a prayer is and never will, and I started thinking more...I can’t call myself overly religious (I’m more spiritual) but I have always associated prayers to “hopes”. Religion to me is having that faith that good always triumphs over bad, that in days of extreme darkness u know that a supreme power is looking after you and giving you the strength to bear with things and inspires you to be a better person ...and I don’t think I could have made it this far if I didn’t have the “hope”. My prayers are a way of letting the universe know my wishes..so why take away “hope” from someone?” (Must Read: First Picture Of Kapil Sharma And Ginni Chatrath From Their Babymoon, Walk Arm-In-Arm Together)

Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy

Dimpy Ganguly’s note concluded with, “Moreover I never had to teach Reanna to take an interest in religion it was totally her choice. True enough her grandmoms were overjoyed and this became something they do together. But I don’t think that introducing my religion to my daughter is something “heinous”. Albeit I’m against all prejudices associated with religion and I do think as a family we would make sure that Reanna too is free of prejudices. But when I see her doing these things I look back and remember that I was raised this same way and I (think) I turned out quite alright. I would love to raise a responsible global citizen but I am also very proud of my upbringing, my culture and my traditions and I would love my daughter to know what they are and I’m pretty sure if I can do it right she will choose what’s best for her life in the generation that she will live and in the world that she will have to survive. I will lay out all the cards and I will let her choose. #twinning.”

Dimpy wiht her in-laws

Reanna Roy had turned 3 on June 20, 2019, and her doting parents, Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy had posted heartfelt wishes for their little pixie. Posting a picture of Reanna, Dimpy had once again penned a heartfelt letter for her baby daughter. The same could be read as “My little one... everyday, every single time I lay eyes on you I wonder how someone so little can inspire so much in me to always push myself, to always be a better version of myself, to always think beyond myself... even in the face of the worst adversities, you bring back my faith on what I started off as calling my one true north. And then I look at myself and can't help but feel proud of how much I have evolved. You coming into my life has made me so much more than I used to be; so much more empathetic, so much more kind, so much more tolerant. Often I'm called naive and foolish for believing in the goodness of this world... but when I look at you and see how everyday in spite of everything you pick up good values, nobility and sense and insist that we adults practice what we preach...” (Also Read: Rannvijay Singha Talks About Kainaat Being Constantly Papped By The Media, Gives Logical Reply)

Reanna Roy

Dimply Ganguly’s letter could be further read as “I am bound to believe that if we are bringing up little people like you the right way and not the practical/convenient way, this world is bound to be a happy safe and good place to live in. Thank you my darling for being so so so so resilient to all my highs and lows (and god knows I have them!). For being so trusting of all that I say. For always giving me a hug when this over-emotional mommy of yours is in tears. For always being my constant companion (I’m going to be such a mess when you start school). You haven't failed to amaze me a single day in the last 3 years and I hope that as you go along with your life you keep sprinkling that magic dust of yours wherever you go! Happy birthday, sweetheart! - yours forever outrageously doting mamma #reannaturns3.” While that was all about her mommy, a single line by Reanna’s daddy had it all! He had written, “You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it". Happy Third My Love! Daddle (heart emoji) Reanna!”

Reanna Roy

Guys, aren’t Dimpy Ganguly’s thoughts beautiful? What do you have to say about it? Keep us posted!

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