Complete Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Precious Diamond Jewellery


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Complete Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Precious Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are known to be a girl's best friend. And, just like a friend would, diamonds require a certain amount of care too. You cannot just buy diamonds and hope that they will keep shining forever on their own. Agreed, diamond is the hardest known natural material on earth, but a little carelessness can make you pay a big price.

Well girls, if you do not wish your diamonds to lose their shine, then here is something for you. With just a little care, you can make sure that your diamonds will shine till the end of time. So, here is a complete guide for you on how to take care of your precious diamond jewellery.

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General Care Tips:

a) Keep your diamond jewellery away from sharp things

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It is true that diamond is one of the hardest stones on earth. And, only a diamond can cut another diamond. However, if you keep your diamonds near another sharp piece of jewellery or in a metal box, it can scratch their surface, hence making them lose their shine. So, keep your diamonds away from any kind of sharp object.

b) Avoid contact with water

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Before you go for a shower or a swim, take off all your diamond jewellery. The chlorine present in the water is not at all good for this stone. Also, chemicals present in soap create a film on the diamonds, which does not simply come off by washing. So, remove each piece of jewellery, including your wedding ring, before you take a bath.

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c) Do not wear them while doing chores and heavy exercise

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While doing household chores, we sometimes use cleaning agents that contain chlorine and bleach. These two reduce the shine of diamonds. Also, when indulging in high-intensity routine, sweat plays a similar role as that of a cleaning agent. There are also chances that you might hit something hard and chip the diamond. So, do not wear diamonds while doing daily chores of heavy exercise.

d) Prevent them from cosmetics and hard fragrances

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This tip is especially for the newlywed brides. When you are getting ready, make sure that your diamond jewellery is the last thing that you wear. Let your skin absorb all the makeup and perfume before you wear your jewellery. After all, you would not want to let the shine of your wedding jewellery fade away, right?

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e) Avoid touching them frequently

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Diamonds attract grease and oil. Even the oil of your fingertips can create a film of grease and dust over the diamonds. And of course, it would not be possible to always carry gloves with you. So, try to touch them as less as possible.

f) Keep them away from heat

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Diamonds require a high temperature of 1292 degree Fahrenheit to burn. But, that does not mean that that they are immune to general heat. So, make sure that you do not wear your diamond jewellery when it is quite hot.

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Cleaning Tips:

g) Soft cloth

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If there is a little dust on your diamond jewellery, use a soft piece of cloth, preferably satin, or any other lint-free fabric for cleaning. It should have a feather-like touch. Even if there is a stain, do not try terribly hard to get rid of it, as it may damage the diamond.

h) Homemade cleaning solution

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In case you see a stain or you feel like the diamonds have lost their shine, you can soak diamonds in an ammonia-based cleaning agent overnight, and clean it in the morning by using a soft brush. Make sure that you do not scrub your jewellery harshly. If you think that the jewellery is very delicate, replace the brush with a lint-free cloth.

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i) Professional care

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Just like we see our doctors for routine check-ups, diamonds need the same. It is advised that you take your diamonds to a professional for cleaning at least once a year. Simply because, professional cleaning is better than home-based cleaning! This might not be applicable on all the pieces, though. The jewellery that you wear the most should be treated the most.

j) Ultrasonic jewellery cleaning

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Image Courtesy: Gemological Institute Of America (GIA)

An ultrasonic cleaning machine sends vibration in the cleaning water, which reaches the tough spots and clean the diamonds thoroughly. It does not need to be followed by scrubbing or wiping. This machine can be bought and is easy to use, but it is advisable to get it done by a professional because the vibrations can loosen the hold of the cast of the diamonds.

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Storing Tips:

k) Boxes and pouches

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Unlike other jewellery, diamonds are not advised to be kept in simple jewellery boxes. Make sure that the case you buy has cushioning provided by cotton, and lining provided by either velvet or satin. You can put each piece in a separate plastic pouch for extra protection before putting them away in boxes. Make sure that you take them out of the boxes once in a while for inspection.

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Diamond jewellery is often passed as heirlooms and does not come cheap. Just a little precaution and an easy routine can make them look as good as new forever. Diamonds add grace and elegance to your look, so make sure that you repay by taking care of them. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.