Delnaaz Irani's Ex-Husband Rajeev Is Not Getting Married; No 'New Beginning' For Him

Delnaaz Irani's Ex-Husband Rajeev Is Not Getting Married; No 'New Beginning' For Him

We love updating our readers with the latest things that happen in their lives, and while at it, sometimes, end up goofing a bit up. Something similar happened yesterday when we told you all that Delnaaz Irani’s ex-husband was tying the knot with his Delhi-based girlfriend, Anjali Raina. 

Though we’d love to see this gentleman settle down, but turns out, it wasn’t the truth. And we got to know this from the Bigg Boss 6 contestant himself. 

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Rajeev Paul Anjali Raina

So, everyone knew that Rajeev Paul and Delnaaz Irani were blissfully married for good 14 years until the two announced their separation. After their much-publicised divorce, Delnaz moved on in life and started dating Percy. And Rajeev, first got engaged to a woman named Kavita, and then began dating a Delhi-based single mother named Anjali Raina. 

Rajeev Paul Anjali Raina

The actor even posted quite a few adorable photos of them together and looking at them it was sort of assumed that the next step was marriage for the two (read more). 

It was almost confirmed when Rajeev posted this photo...

Rajeev Paul

…and this caption on Instagram:

"To A New Begining..17th Aug...
#new #begun #begin #begining #new #start #now #mumbai #actor #biggboss #biggboss11 #blue #smile #dimple #close #closer #ajmer #jaipur #rajasthan #udaipur
#hair #gym #health #food #goodskin #good #bestfriend #u&me #we #US"

Looking at the photo (we know she doesn't look like Anjali in any way) and caption, we fell for it thinking that he was either married to Anjali or was going to get married on August 17. But none of it was true.

Rajeev Paul Anjali Raina

When SpotBoyE contacted Rajeev to confirm if the news was true or not, the actor vehemently denied it stating that journalists should first contact him before publishing anything about him.

Talking about it, Rajeev said:

“I am not getting married.” 

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He further added: 

“Where have I mentioned that I am getting married? Why can't they (journalists) call and confirm before writing anything about me. However, it’s heartening to see that people want me married soon (laughs).”

Rajeev Paul Anjali Raina

Explaining about the ‘new beginning’ caption (which actually got us confused), Rajeev explained that it indicated his debut on the digital platform with a short film titled, New Beginning.

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Well, we are terribly sorry and embarrassed about this Rajeev, but yes, it is true that we do want to see you getting married soon. We hope you announce the news soon. Here's wishing you lots of luck on your 'New Beginning' though. 

Images Courtesy: Instagram & Facebook 
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