'Dahleez' Fame Harshad Arora Is In Love With His Co-Star, Says She Is Very Special To Him


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'Dahleez' Fame Harshad Arora Is In Love With His Co-Star, Says She Is Very Special To Him

There are some celebs who just don’t shy away about their relationships, while there are others who try to keep their personal lives to themselves. But then, in this glam world nothing stays under the wraps for a long time.

The celeb couple, we are talking about falls under the latter category, and it’s none other than the much loved on-screen jodi of Dahleez fame, Hashad Arora and Tridha Choudhary.

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Harshad and Tridha were starred opposite each other on the show, Dahleez. The fans and viewers liked the show as well as their pairing a lot, so much so that the rumours of them dating each other in real life started doing the rounds. But both of them cried hoarse that they weren’t dating.  

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Earlier in an interview with The Hindustan Times, she was quoted as saying:

"Harshad is my best friend and he has been a constant support. We hang out with each other, but we are not dating. Not yet. I am only 22, I don't think this is the time to think of marriage or dating guys. I am focussed on my work [sic]."

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And he was found stating:

“In our line we are always linked up with our immediate co-star and people love when something is on between the main protagonists. Yes, we do have a lot of pictures but they are also with other co-stars. All actors are staying in the same resort, so there are some together and some individually.”

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But then, they travelled together and explored Europe, and their pictures from the trip had another story to tell. They both got together in Spain and enjoyed the Tomatina festival. Here’s what she told The Times of India then:

"We both got together only in Spain and Venice and enjoyed the Tomatina festival.”

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So now, on Harshad’s birthday on September 3, Tridha planned a surprise birthday party for him (what’s brewing? *wink*). So, what she did was, she planned it all with one of Harshad’s best friends, and invited his close friends. Not just this, she even helped him in whipping up his favourite delicacies.

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Here’s what she told Bombay Times:

"We make it a point to make each other's birthdays special. Last year, we celebrated Harshad's birthday in Spain, but this time around, I called all his friends over for some delicious pav bhaji and cake."

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Moreover, she even confessed that he is the only person that she can blindly count on in Mumbai. Tridha gushed:

"I was new to Mumbai and soon, Harshad became my best friend. He has always helped me and I can talk to him about anything and everything. I won't say that we are in love, but yes, we share a special bond."

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On the other hand, Harshad admits that she is someone special. He said:

"She made both my birthdays memorable. All I can say is, she is very special to me."

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Wow...we guess that the couple is now sure of each other as their partners. There will be no surprise if they soon commit their love in proper words someday, or for that matter, surprise us with their wedding news. Till then, all of you can stay in touch with us to get the latest updates on this cutesy couple!

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