Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are 7 Creative Ways To Personalise Your Bridal Mehendi


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Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are 7 Creative Ways To Personalise Your Bridal Mehendi

Mehendi is a must for any quintessential Indian bride. And we girls want everything about it to be perfect. But, when you choose mehendi designs from what your mehendi artist shows you, it’s bound to be beautiful but it’s not going to be YOU! To add a little YOU in your bridal mehendi, all you need is bits and pieces of personal elements from your life that make you unique.

So, here are 7 bridal mehendi designs that are super creative and fun for the hatke bride.

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#1. Me & You Portrait

Divyanka Tripathi's mehendi

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Do you remember the gorgeous Divyanka Tripathi’s mehendi from her wedding last year? Of all the small details, the one that had us go WOW was her super-trendy and unique bridal mehendi. It had portraits of the bride and the groom that looked so stunning.

unique mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Imprint Studio

The design took everyone by a pleasant surprise. Now, if you want a reaction like that then, it’s the perfect time to keep up with the portrait trend and get a portrait of yourself and your partner drawn on your palms for your wedding. Trust us when we say that everyone at your wedding including your husband-to-be would love it.

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#2. Relive your proposal day

Personalised Mehendi
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

Did he propose to you while you were enjoying a hot air balloon ride, gazillion feet above the ground or on a romantic dinner date by the sea? There’s no better way to relive the moments of your proposal that led to this big day than including it in your bridal mehendi.

Unique mehendi design

Image Courtesy: What Knot Wedding Photography

Getting the mehendi artist to draw the place where he proposed, the entire proposal story or important elements from your proposal story are some of the clever ways you can re-create your adorable proposal day on your hands and palm.

#3. The tale of love

Unique mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Lata Mehandi

Every couple has a love story, so why not have it in your bridal mehendi to make it unique and more you? Let your hands be the canvas of your beautiful love story.

personalised mehendi

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Pick defining moments from your love story, it could be anything - a date that’s very special to both of you, your first dance, how you met and so on. We bet that once your bridal mehendi is done, you would be in love with it, but remember not to smudge it amidst all the excitement!

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#4. Take pride in your profession

Unique mehendi design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Some couples love their profession too much to part with it even for a day. Take a look at this couple’s mehendi design and you would know what we are saying. This crazy bride got various elements from their profession like the brain, heart, ECG, and neurons to indicate that this was a wedding between a cardiologist and a neurologist.

Unique mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Now, you can get as creative and personal like this couple or take subtle elements to make it more appealing. Say, your husband-to-be is a pilot, then including tiny planes in your mehendi design would be a great idea. Or, if you are a software engineer you can have tiny elements of programming language. Just let your imagination run wild for a unique design.

#5. A little something of significance

Unique mehendi

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

While browsing the Internet for unique bridal mehendi designs we came across a bride who had minions drawn on the palms of her hand! Incredible, isn’t it? You would find it even more appealing after knowing the story behind this minion mehendi.

Unique wedding

Image Courtesy: 1 Plus 1 Studio

The bride and the groom i.e. Krupa and Abhi both are minion fans so the bride asked her mehendi artist, who wasn’t a professional, but a close friend of hers, to incorporate them in her mehendi, dressed as a South Indian couple. Aww, we are totally in love with how this bride personalised her bridal mehendi.

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#6. A written dedication - dil ki baat haathon pe

Unique mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Photoz Aapki

Reserve a portion of your hand or arms to dedicate a verse of your favourite poem or song to the groom. It’s a perfect idea for a bride who wants subtle ways to personalize her bridal mehendi.

Unique mehendi

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Choose a beautiful short verse, anything longer than two to three lines would make the mehendi look messy. You can even include a secret dialogue or words that hold meaning only for you and your partner.

#7. For the fun and forgetful bride

Unique mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Are you a bride who forgets her own wedding hashtag? Well then, you are simply going to love this mehendi design for your wedding. Just include your wedding hashtag somewhere in your mehendi design, genius isn’t it?

Unique mehendi

Image Courtesy: Banga Photography

Sharing your wedding pictures with the right hashtag shouldn’t be too difficult now. If you want, you can even personalise it further by adding your wedding date to the mehendi.

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Did you ever think that adding just a little something from your life in your bridal mehendi could make it so awesome? So, brides-to-be what’s it gonna be - your love story, portrait or something even more unique?