10 Unique And Stunning Moroccan Mehendi Designs To Make Your Karva Chauth Mehendi 'Zara Hatke'


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10 Unique And Stunning Moroccan Mehendi Designs To Make Your Karva Chauth Mehendi 'Zara Hatke'

Everything in Morocco is extravagant and luxurious, and so is their art of mehendi. The age-old practise and style of Moroccan henna is admired till date, finding its way in the hands of modern brides.

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In the past, henna has played an essential part of any major festival in Morocco, but it was not just loved for its beauty. As per the Berber’s belief (Berber is the community/people in Morocco), it brings prosperity, health and blessings and also wards off the evil. So, this season, go Moroccan way for the calligraphy and motifs in your mehendi. These exotic designs are easy to replicate on your hands, will spice up your festive mood and will bring good luck too.

#1. Desi motifs

desi motifs mehendi designs

A mix of flowers, creepers and paisley have been a fashion darling for long in Moroccan culture and it hardly fails to impress.

desi motifs mehendi designs

The popular motifs give a classic yet contemporary touch to your henna art. Well, there is always an option to mix the desi with the modern interpretations. 

#2. ‘Heart’ full

heart full mehendi designs

It’s time to wear your heart on your hands and create the romantic look. Girls are falling in love with the ‘love shape’, and are trying to recreate the magic of this age-old patterns in a contemporary way. What are you waiting for? Try the mini hearts, upside-down heart or the big ones; there is no dearth of shapes and style to get that alluring look.

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#3. The ‘band’ effect

band mehendi designs

Image courtesy: om_henna_om

The horizontal or vertical stripes in mehendi goes beyond the usual and holds a special appeal and feel. You can feel free to mix the ‘band’ look with other patterns like leaves, circular edges, dots, etc. to cover up your palms.

band mehendi designs

The stripes are powerful and provide an edge over the mundane mehendi.

#4. Knack for neat

knack for neat mehendi design

If you want to ditch the overdose of intricate patterns, lines and several big and small flowers and creepers, opt for the ‘less is more’ mantra. And why not?

moroccan mehendi designs

Minimum mehendi is making a maximum impact and is also a trending fashion these days. You can decorate your hands with simple flowers, small boxes and lines or little paisley creepers.

#5. Accessorise it

accessorize mehendi design

If you are serious about the makeover in mehendi; make it stand out as an accessory. Take your likeness for mehendi to the next level by applying it as an ornament or tattoo.

accessorize mehendi design

Don’t shy away and create mehendi tattoos on your belly, shoulders nape of the neck or behind your ears. This unique style will reflect your attitude and persona the best.

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#6. Check that

mehendi designs

Conventional checks are nothing less than mesmerising. They are impressive and the tiny little checks or boxes will jazz up the splendid effect of the ancient form of henna art. So, for the upcoming event or family function, don’t forget to rock with the basic squares.

#7. Doting dots

doting dots mehendi design

Dots in mehendi are cute, retro and a style for all seasons and age-group. Also, the little bindis or dots are a clever, smart and sensible form of mehendi pattern to be replicated on the hands.

doting dots mehendi design

It’s easy and less time-consuming as compared to other motifs. Add fun to your mehndi with big, tiny and structured dots.

#8. All in one

all in one mehendi design

Image courtesy: hennabyang

Those who wish to celebrate life and the traditional culture, must go for the combination of simple and intricate patterns. Blend the rules by having all sorts of designs in your hands.

all in one mehendi design

Image courtesy: hand.of.fatima

From flowers and lines to dots and checks; make sure your mehendi looks interesting and reflect your unique style quotient.

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#9. The ‘geometric’ chemistry

geometry pattern mehendi designs

The geometrical patterns are the key to represent Moroccan culture and heritage. Girls who want everything symmetrical and straight will fall in love with this design. The elements like rhombus, boxes, simple lines and grids will give your mehendi a geometry-inspired effect, and will look subtle and impactful.

geometry pattern mehendi designs

So, wait not and allow your natural sense of balance to show in your mehendi.

#10. Graceful bracelet

bracelet mehendi designs

Image courtesy: shivanihennaart

Much has been known about various mehendi patterns and style in Moroccan culture. But nothing adds more grace to your palms than the bracelet-inspired designs. The strapped-look on the wrist appears eye-catching, distinctive and stylish. Just wrap the ‘chic look’ around your wrist and go creative with interesting motifs and patterns.

graceful bracelet mehendi design

bracelet mehendi designs

Image courtesy: hennackg

graceful bracelet mehendi design

Image courtesy: hennackg

Whether it is for dainty-looking hands, the traditional effect, contemporary charm or your personal style mantra; these Moroccan henna designs can generate the look of your choice, and will add new dimensions to your style statement in no time. These traditional patterns will also help you revel in the festive fun with your friends and relatives.

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