5 Common Concealer Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Flawless Make-Up Look


By Sharanya Manola Last Updated:

5 Common Concealer Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Flawless Make-Up Look

Whether it is masking hungover dark circles, blemishes or hiding age spots and pimples, a concealer always comes to every girl’s rescue. However, as dynamic as this product is, some of us are guilty of not knowing the basics and thus making a few concealer blunders. Find out if you are guilty too and how you can fix these mistakes.

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#1. Loading on the wrong shade

Most people think that the concealer shade should be as light as possible, but that is not true. The concealer shade should be one that is closest to your skin tone, in order to counteract, otherwise it will end up highlighting what it was meant to conceal.

#2. Concealer before foundation conundrum

This is a tricky one, but a major mistake nonetheless. If you’re not paying attention to what should go before and after on your face, you are doing something very wrong with your make-up. So, if you’re aiming for a blemish-free skin, we recommend that you apply concealer after foundation. However, when you’re covering up your under eye circles, use concealer before spreading the foundation.

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#3. Piling on too much of it

GIF via Tumblr
GIF via Tumblr

When you over-apply concealer, you end up caking your entire face and drawing unnecessary attention to your problem areas. Your brush is to blame in this situation because it may be picking a lot of concealer in the first go.

To combat this brush trouble, all you need to do is put a drop of concealer on your fingertip and blend it onto your skin for a lightweight finish. Make sure you wash your hands before doing so and have a tissue ready to soak up the excess concealer.

#4. Caking your under-eye area

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

Some women think that caking concealer on the face will cover up all the fine wrinkles around the eyes, but it is not so. In fact if you use too much of concealer, it will do the exact opposite and highlight them. What you should do instead, is moisturise the area around your eyes and use minimal amount of peach-coloured concealer if you are fair-skinned, and an orange-coloured concealer if you are blessed with a darker complexion.

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#5. Lazy to blend it

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

A lot of you think of a concealer as spot treatment and you end up dabbing it on the problem areas. This is something you must absolutely avoid. Rather blend it in by tapping it onto your skin for a few seconds. You can then set it with translucent powder. You will notice how big a change this practice can bring to your face.

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It is very easy to change your look completely with the use of a concealer, but only if it is applied properly, keeping all the above tips in mind. We hope this helped you and you will not make any such make-up blunders in the future!