Carry Minati Leaves Sadhguru Upset With His Parody, Latter Says, 'Don't Know What They Are Doing..'

After making Sandeep Maheshwari upset, Carry Minati's parody video left spiritual guru, Sadhguru upset with his latest parody video.


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Carry Minati Leaves Sadhguru Upset With His Parody, Latter Says, 'Don't Know What They Are Doing..'

Carry Minati is famous for making parody videos and roasting people. He rose to immense stardom when he brutally criticised the musical app, TikTok. Later, he made parody videos on Vloggers, which hurt the famous YouTuber Flying Beast, a.k.a. Gaurav Taneja. Recently, his video impersonating famous speakers left Sandeep Maheshwari upset, and now, Sadhguru shared his reaction on Carry Minati, a.k.a. Ajey Nagar's video.

Sadhguru reacted to Carry Minati's parody video

Recently, Carry Minati impersonated Sadhugru's interactive session at his Isha Yoga Centre. In the video, Carry Minati was seen dressed up as the spiritual guru, wearing a similar shawl with dhoti. He was also seen using the same dialogue as Sadhguru. While his fans loved his performance, Sadhguru didn't consider it a humour. In an interview with The Indian Express, when the interviewer asked him about the video, he said:

"See there are a whole lot of people, who have nothing significant to do in life. Their only thing is to make livelihood. Where ever there is something they will attach themselves like flees."

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Sadhguru further added that he doesn't know (Carry Minati), but if he was an influencer, he has to become a more responsible as he is influencing 40 million people. Sadhguru was quoted as saying:

"I don't know who this is you are talking about. But I am not surprised. If somebody is an influencer, any kind of influence. If you can influence, or you have two children. You will be living somehow, but suddenly you have a child, the moment they are looking at you, if you are smoking you will put your.... You will figure a way. The moment you are influencing a young life, you somehow try to change yourself. If you are influencing 40 million people, I hope you become a little more responsible."

When Sandeep Maheshwari called out Carry Minati for hurling abuses at his audience

Not only Sadhguru but famous motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari was also left irked after Carry Minati's video had gone viral. In his video, Carry Minati not only imitated Sandeep Maheshwari but also used some foul language for his audience, which the latter didn't like. For the unversed, Sandeep Maheshwari is a successful entrepreneur, guide, mentor, and youth icon. He won hearts when he made life 'easy' for many with his 'free videos' on YouTube, wherein he made the 'Law of attraction' look simple. Sandeep Maheshwar didn't like the way Carry Minati took a dig at him, and he penned a post on the YouTube forum. He had written:

"Dear Carry Minati, you made a parody video on me. That's cool, but while imitating my character, you said m***** and c****** to my audience. It is not funny. Disappointed."

Within no time, Carry Minati clarified and apologised to Sandeep Maheshwari. He shared that he had sorted things out with him and removed some sections in his video, which looked demeaning to the motivational speaker. An excerpt from his note can be read as:

"We had a call with Sandeep sir & we have removed all the segments he requested & likewise, he has also removed his community post. I have a lot of respect for Sandeep sir & each individual from whom our characters are inspired. Our intention is never to hurt anyone's sentiments for eg."

What do you think about Carry Minati's parody videos on the famous people trying to bring positive change?

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