10 Things You Will Only Relate To If You Cannot Wait To Get Married To The Love Of Your Life


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10 Things You Will Only Relate To If You Cannot Wait To Get Married To The Love Of Your Life

You have wanted to get married to the guy of your dreams ever since you met him and finally, the date has been fixed. It is difficult to explain your excitement and happiness in words and all you can think of is for the time to fly and your wedding day to arrive already. Does this absolutely sound like you and your life’s story right now? If yes, then we are sure you will relate to all the points given below that define your brimming excitement to get hitched with your fiancé.

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#1. Your wedding shopping is at the top of your agenda!

Wedding Shopping

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You want your wedding to be perfect! Thus, you want to look your stunning best and do not want to leave any stone unturned in having the most stylish and trendy wedding trousseau ever!

#2. You just cannot get your honeymoon out of your head!

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You keep surfing the net to see how amazing your resort is, what all it offers, what fun activities you can enjoy at your honeymoon destination, etc. You keep thinking about what you should wear, what all to pack, the anticipation and excitement of the romantic nights; all of this gives you goosebumps!

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#3. You keep making lists in order to prepare everything for the wedding in time.

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You do not want to miss out anything, however small it might be. Therefore, to be well prepared with everything in place, you make use of the ‘to-do list’ strategy.

#4. You feel like time has stopped!

diana penty

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As the wedding day approaches, you feel like time is not moving that fast. You want the wedding to happen tomorrow whereas it seems like it is still a million years away.

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#5. You dream of waking up next to your loved one every morning.

deepika padukone

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The morning cuddles, the smile on his face, the morning quickies, just knowing that you are now together till eternity; all of that and MORE!

#6. You cannot wait to get to know your new family.

kareena kapoor

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You might have heard that the in-laws can be difficult and scary, but you want to change that perception. You are excited to get to know your new family and be on great terms with them. You think about colours and accessories for your new room and want to get started with the ‘happily ever after’ that awaits you.

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#7. You want to get started with decorating your love nest if it is going to be just you two living separately.

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So, it is just the lovebirds then. The thought excites you to no end and you start looking up online furniture stores for that perfect couch and table lamp; you look forward to being alone with your husband in your new home and goofing around while setting up the place. You want the place to have a touch of your personality and so, you both spend a lot of time shopping and discussing about what you want your place to look like.

#8. On and off, the thought of having babies crosses your mind.

parineeti chopra

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You do not want to conceive right away, but you do think about how your life would be after having babies, what sort of parents you think the both of you will be, etc., every once in a while.

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#9. The bachelorette bash!

Karan Patel

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That one night before the wedding where you get to be the centre of attraction, let your hair loose and have an awesome and naughty time with your girlfriends. Who would not wait for that?

#10. You cannot wait to get dressed as a beautiful bride!

indian bride

Every girl wants to look magical on her wedding day. She imagines what she would look like when dressed as a bride. From the day her wedding is finalised, she thinks of how her wedding outfit should be and so is the case with you. You want to be dressed as the perfect princess for your prince charming.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing and being excited to start this new phase of life will only give you more positivity and make your journey a happy one. So dream on and have a beautiful wedding!

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