Dear Sister! I'll Prove That You're My Soulmate And Best Friend, When You Come Home After Marriage


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Dear Sister! I'll Prove That You're My Soulmate And Best Friend, When You Come Home After Marriage

Your sister just got married and you feel totally alone at home after her wedding. Well, that is a predicament all younger siblings face once their elder sister leaves for the in-laws. While we may fight and have our own share of disagreements, there’s no denying that once she gets married and goes away, there’s a space in your heart that remains empty.

While you are happy that she has found her soulmate, you can’t help but feel sad that your partner-in-crime is no longer with you.

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welcome your sister home

But, Indian weddings have that special occasion where the bride comes back to her house a day after her wedding, which is known as the pag phera ceremony. The bride’s brothers or father go to her new house and get her back for a day. So, to make your sister feel special and loved when she returns, we have some amazing ideas that will surely leave a lasting smile on her face and leave her surprised that her younger siblings thought so much about her.

So, to make her feel special, given below are a few suggestions:

#1. Decorate your house with her favourite flowers

Home Decor

Nothing better than a fragrant welcome for your beloved sister! Decorate your house and especially her room with her favourite flowers everywhere- on her bed, her table, and her cupboard. And also, welcome her in the house with a bouquet of flowers. She will remember this surprise forever and cherish that moment for a lifetime.

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#2. Create a photo string of all her photographs right from her childhood till her wedding day

Photo Collage For Your Sister

Give her a glimpse of all her happy memories, right from her childhood till the day of her wedding. This will remind her that she will always remain a part of your life and that none can ever take her space. You can include all her embarrassing photographs to the moments that you have shared together. Trust us, she will relive all those moments with you again and feel nostalgic once again.

#3. Prepare a small speech that you can share with her

Prepare speech for your sister

The speech is symbolic of all the love, care and happiness that you guys have shared together. All your unsaid feelings and whatever you might wish to share with her, can be written here which you can leave for her as a surprise or say it out loud in front of everyone. All the memories will leave a lasting impression on her and we bet you she won’t stop smiling till the end.

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#4. Indulge in some gossip with her

Gossip with sister

Well, this one is especially for the sisters! I am sure you had those days where you both did not slept the entire night and talked till the wee hours of the morning. Well, why not repeat those nights once again? Stay awake all night just like before and coax her to tell you all what happened at her suhaag raat (wink wink). Force her to divulge all the naughty details with you so that you have something to tease her throughout your life. While she may or may not divulge everything, the feeling for her that nothing has changed between the two of you will always remain special.

#5. Cook her favourite dish

Cook Favourite Food for sister

While your mother will make sure to cook all her favourite dishes, as a welcome gift, cook a dish that both of you like. While you may suck at cooking, but that gesture will always be special for her and she will feel loved and cared. Cooking the dish and eating it together will strengthen the bond that you share with her. And will also give her the satisfaction that once she is gone you are there to take care of the house and your parents.

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#6. Most importantly, make her feel loved

Make your sister loved

Give her the assurance that nothing has changed between you guys and that she will always be a part of the family. The feeling that she can come anytime and you are always there for her will give her the satisfaction that nothing has changed even after her wedding.

No doubt, the bond that siblings share is one-of-its-kind, but the reassurance that you are always there for her is what matters to her the most. The welcome that you give to your sister will stay with her lifelong and always bring a sweet smile on her face whenever she remembers that day. So, how do you plan to welcome your adorable sister for her pag phera ceremony? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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