'Business Proposal' Actress, Kim Se Jeong Reveals That She Loves India And Wants To Act In Bollywood

'Business Proposal's 'Shin Ha Ri', aka Kim Se Jeong, recently talked about her love for India's rich cultural heritage. She also expressed her wish to work in Bollywood movies. Here's what she said.


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'Business Proposal' Actress, Kim Se Jeong Reveals That She Loves India And Wants To Act In Bollywood

Kim Se Jeong, also known as Sejeong, is one of the notable names from the South Korean entertainment industry. The 27-year-old actress won the hearts of millions of people across the world with her role as ‘Shin Ha Ri’ in K-drama, Business Proposal. Sejeong portrays the role of a vivacious food researcher, ‘Shin Ha Ri’, who ends up going on a blind date with her boss, ‘Kang Tae Moo’, portrayed by Ahn Hyo Seop. And the rest is history!

The romcom, Business Proposal became an instant favourite when it was released in 2022. Be it the hot and steamy scenes between the two lead couples, ‘Kang Tae Moo’-’Shin Ha Ri’ and ‘Cha Sung Hoon’-’Jin Young Seo’ or the camaraderie shared between ‘Shin Ha Ri’ and ‘Jin Young Seo’, the romantic comedy-drama received much appreciation and love from the audience.

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Kim Se Jeong is also a very talented singer

The audience loves Kim Se Jeong for her acting prowess, beautiful looks, natural comic timing and fearless performances. Well, her talents are not just restricted to the acting field. The South Korean diva also has received much appreciation as a K-pop idol. She stepped into the music industry in 2016 as a member of two different K-pop groups, I.O.I and the other one is Gugudan.

Sejeong has also lent her soulful voice to the OSTs of several blockbuster dramas, such as Crash Landing On You, Record of Youth, Mr. Sunshine, and Business Proposal. She even released her first-ever full-length album, Door, on September 4, 2023. Sejeong has composed nine out of the eleven songs herself.

Kim Se Jeong wants to visit India to immerse herself in its rich heritage

In an interview with The Indian Express, the South Korean actor-singer, Sejeong gave insights about her new album, the growing popularity of K-pop, her love for Indian food, and her wish to work in Bollywood. When the 27-year-old was asked about any plans to visit India, as she is very popular in the country, she opened up about the same. Sejeong said:

“I have a deep love for travelling, and there are a few countries I’m eager to explore in my lifetime, with India being one of them. India’s landscapes and culture are incredibly captivating, and I’m drawn to the idea of immersing myself in its rich heritage. I also love Indian cuisine, particularly curry, and other dishes, and I’m curious to try the local dishes and see what it tastes like.”

It seems Kim Se Jeong has a special place for India in her heart. The Business Proposal actress also mentioned that she wishes to be a part of Bollywood movies someday. She said:

“The uniqueness of Bollywood films has always interested me, so if the opportunity arises, I would love to be a part of Bollywood movies as well.”

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Kim Se Jeong sheds light on the unstoppable popularity of K-pop

In today’s time, K-pop is one of the favourite genres of music. The Hallyu wave has taken the world by storm in recent years. While the Korean wave may have started in the 90s, but the introduction of South Korean singers like Psy and K-pop bands like BTS and BLACKPINK has further heightened the craze of South Korean music all over the world. Kim Se Jeong was asked about the unstoppable popularity of K-pop in the same Indian Express interview. She mentioned:

“I believe one of the major reasons behind the immense popularity of K-pop is its vibrant passion. Even as a K-Pop artist, I frequently draw energy from performing alongside other artists on stage. Witnessing the energy that radiates from the stage, the distinctive colours of each group and artist, and the incredible diversity and vibrancy of it all, it’s like watching a diverse array of shows on Netflix.”

Kim Se Jeong talked about similarities between her real self and the character ‘Shin Ha Ri’

Sejeong became a household name due to her role as ‘Shin Ha Ri’. The actress’ versatility impressed the audience very much. In the same interview, she questioned whether the real life of Kim Se Jeong has any similarities with the reel-life of ‘Shin Ha Ri’. She said:

“One of the traits I share with Ha-Ri is our shared passion for our work. ‘Ha-Ri’ enjoys her job, and I enjoy spending my free time reading scripts, composing or writing lyrics. Some might even wonder, ‘Does she ever really take a break?’ But both ‘Ha-Ri’ and I find satisfaction in immersing ourselves in our work. It fuels our momentum and keeps us moving forward, so I think we share a very positive resemblance in that regard.”

Did you guys love Sejeong’s character, ‘Shin Ha Ri’ in Business Proposal? Let us know.

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Image courtesy: Sejeong's IG, Fan Page
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