8 Supercool Brides Who Rocked The 'Desi' Look With Sunglasses


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8 Supercool Brides Who Rocked The 'Desi' Look With Sunglasses

Our Indian culture is one of the most flexible ones in the world. We know how to adapt various trends and style them according to our own tastes. Thus came in the trend of wearing sunglasses with our beloved lehengas, sarees, kurtas and all other traditional outfits. The good old sunglasses are no more an accessory restricted to western outfits. Sunglasses are now being worn by brides with their wedding outfits too! Cool, isn't it? This trend is quickly picking pace in India. Our beautiful Indian brides are readily following it, and rocking it like a boss.

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Usually the haldi and sangeet functions happen during the day under the bright sun. Sunglasses provide some respite from the prickling rays of the sun. Not to forget, they also add unmissable glamour to the bridal look.

Let us show you some real-life brides who could give celebs a run for their money, with their supercool sunglass avatar! Besides, you could take a lesson or two from these brides on how to look stunning in this evergreen fashion craze!

#1. Pink it up baby

Pink sunglass bride/ Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

For brides-to-be, who are totally in love with everything retro and pink, this is the perfect look to go for.

#2. Revolver rani

Bridal Look/ Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

Do you notice the stark difference between the two photographs? Her aviators totally up her glam quotient and transform her from a docile bride to a sassy one. Don't you think this can be your look for your wedding day?

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#3. Gold is gold

Bridal look/ Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

When in doubt, just buy these basic gold aviators! As you would have noticed, these never ever go out of fashion! Right from the floral décor, to the bride's outfit and jewellery, everything adds up to look like a dream combination.

#4. Tinted hues

bridal fashion/ Images Courtesy: Fotowalle

Another one:

Bridal fashion / Images Courtesy: Fotowalle

Images Courtesy: Fotowalle

You’ve got to have some serious confidence to carry these tinted sunglasses, especially because they don’t really suit everyone’s personality. But this gorgeous lady, surely nails them!

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#5. Queen of the clubmaster

Bridal looks/ Image Courtesy: DreamWeavers

Image Courtesy: DreamWeavers

These clubmasters sunglasses have an unmissable vintage appeal and give this bride an edge or so we think! She made a perfect pick that goes well with her floral blouse (so retro and fun!) and pink lehenga. Don't you agree?

#6. Wayfarers all the way

Jodi Clickers/ Image Courtesy: Jodi Clickers

Image Courtesy: Jodi Clickers

You just can’t go wrong with wayfarers as this style is as much retro as it is contemporary. This is one reason why it is a hit among women and men alike! No wonder this bride chose them over other styles and aced the look quite effortlessly.

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#7. Patterned rims

Patterned rim glasses/ Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Ooh-la-la! This bride gives the tried-and-tested formula of wearing the classic sunglasses a miss and opts instead for ones that dial-up some drama and quirk!

#8. Oversized charm

Bridal looks mehendi/ Image Courtesy: Fotowalle

Image Courtesy: Fotowalle

This bride chose to go old school and doll-up her face with oversized sunglasses and bling up her style quotient! Full marks to her for her quirky, out-of-the-box choice!

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So, what do you think girlies? Got an idea or two? We hope you did because if you are planning to wear sunglasses for your functions, make sure you choose the right ones and nail the look!



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