Best Bollywood Dance Numbers For Your Crazy Bachelor Party


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Best Bollywood Dance Numbers For Your Crazy Bachelor Party

One of the main elements of any Indian wedding function is the foot-tapping music. Be it engagement, mehendi, cocktail or wedding, no occasion is ever complete without some really rocking songs. And, when it comes to the bachelor party, there is yet another thing other than the ‘unlimited fun’, which is expected out of the songs- all of them should remind the soon-to-be groom that the glorious days of his bachelorhood are over. Well, thanks to Bollywood, we have a huge variety of such fun-filled songs for all wedding functions, including the bachelor party.

So, if you are due to attend a bachelor party this wedding season, then here is a list of some best Bollywood songs that you can handover to the DJ.

#1. Badtameez Dil

This is one of the best Bollywood songs that defines the true mood of a bachelor party! It encourages the soon-to-be married guy to forget all the rules, break free on this day and just have fun. A perfect way to kickstart the bachelor party, right?

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#2. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

It really does not matter how long have you been partying for. Whenever anyone tries to stop the celebrations, you know what to tell them. Yes you got it right. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!

Video Courtesy: T-Series

#3. Ek Kunwara

This song makes a groom feel like a sacrificial creature ready to be destroyed at the altar of marriage. One surely cannot miss on this song when deciding songs for a bachelor party.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#4. Munni Badnaam Hui

The lyrics are enough to entice everyone present at the party to forget everything and dance to the beats of this fun song.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#5. Bhootni Ke

One of the best songs to play at a bachelor’s do, as it pulls the groom's leg of his newfound royal status of a husband.

Video Courtesy: Ultra Hindi

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#6. Emotional Atyachar

A siren warning for the groom to remind him what lays ahead: relentless emotional torture with some moments of love and passion thrown in. A heady combination that will leave him feeling pleasantly trapped and tortured.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#7. Zor Ka Jhatka

This song recounts all the disadvantages of the institution of marriage in a fun way. What's more? The groom cannot do anything about it.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#8. Jeena Ke Hai Chaar Din

Once married, a groom can happily say goodbye to all his days of revelry and merrymaking with his friends. This song reminds him precisely of that.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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#9. Dil Mei Baji Guitar

A perfect hooligan song that gives one and all present in the party to forget everything and dance with the most grotesque steps. The beats are truly fun and there is no compulsion to match the rhythm of the steps with the beats.

Video Courtesy: Tips Music

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#10. Beedi Jala Le

This song laced with rustic North Indian words is perfect for the roguish mood that underscores a bachelor party.

Video Courtesy: Eros Now

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#11. Saturday Saturday

Even though it is not a Saturday, it is the groom's big day after all. So, this peppy foot-tapping number is something, without which the party would seem to be really incomplete.

Video Courtesy: SonyMusicIndiaVEVO

#12. G Phaad Ke

Once the party mood is at its peak, this song is just what you would need. What's more? It will make the groom forget about everything, and he will simply have one of the best times of his life.

Video Courtesy: Eros Now

#13. Mauja Hi Mauja

Having scared him enough about the new beginning of his life, this song would be quite a relief for the groom. This dance number would assure him of the great time he will have, as the life would now be full of love and happiness.

Video Courtesy: T-Series

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Now that you have an amazing collection of the best dancing songs from Bollywood, just get into your dancing shoes and rehearse some killer moves to rock the party!


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