11 Unheard Ways Mint Leaves Help In Boosting Your Beauty And Health


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11 Unheard Ways Mint Leaves Help In Boosting Your Beauty And Health

Mint leaves are synonymous with summer freshness having a plethora of culinary uses. The leaves are used to add flavour to different meals, to garnish, and of course, to make chutneys.

But this summer, you can play around with this popular herb in order to have certain health and beauty benefits as well. You will be surprised to know the benefits that this herb is endowed with. Let’s have a look!

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#1. Cuts the belly fat

Beauty and Health

This superfood not only pleases your palate, but also helps you in your weight loss goals. Mint soothes the abdomen, dissolves excess fat, and boosts metabolism. Not just that, but it also removes additional biles from your gallbladder. All-in-all, it is excellent for weight management as it suppresses your food cravings.

#2. Relieves cough and cold

Health and Beauty

Mint is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a home remedy for cold, cough, congestion, and asthma attacks. The strong odour of mint opens up the air tracts of respiratory system, and helps relieve inflammation. All you have to do is just inhale the warm water fumes with mint extract for faster recovery and relaxed breathing.

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#3. Helps relieve menstrual cramps and pain

Health and Beauty

A blood purifier and a natural muscle relaxer, mint leaves are great remedy for menstrual cramps. You can add mint leaves to your tea or water to soothe your uterus.

#4. Fights pimples and blackheads

Health and Beauty

This essential ingredient from your kitchen can add an edge to your beauty recipe as well. Just extract some fresh mint juice, and apply it on your face overnight. Wash it with normal water in the morning. This is a sure-shot remedy to tame those regular zits and pimples. Mint, rich in salicylic acid not only cures the pimples, but also prevents their reoccurrence.

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#5. Offers oil-free skin

Health and Beauty

Yes, mint has much more to offer than just aroma to your range of dishes. Crush mint leaves, mix it with honey, and apply it on your face. This homemade face pack cleanses and tightens your pores completely, thus, driving away the excess oil from your face.

#6. Provides cooling sensation

Health and Beauty

Mint is not just a chef’s delight. When consumed, menthol present in mint brings an instant cooling effect to your body. Mint fights the heat, deals with skin irritations and eliminates toxins, thus acting as a superb cleanser for the body and blood.

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#7. Soothes the digestive tract

Health and Beauty

This versatile herb can be of great help when you are having stomach woes and abdominal pains. The analgesic (pain-killing) properties of mint reduce irritated bowel syndromes, cleanse the stomach, and calm down the cramps. It also helps in beating acidity and heartburns.

#8. Combats bad breath

Health and Beauty

Some food cause unpleasant and strong odours, which you cannot easily get rid of. But chewing on mint leaves can neutralise or even eliminate bad breath.

#9. Provides fair and flawless complexion

Health and Beauty

The elements present in mint help you get rid of dead cells, dry skin and blackheads, offering you a fair complexion. The antioxidants found in the leaves prevent clogging of pores, resulting in a fresh and rejuvenated skin.

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#10. Removes dark circles

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Application of mint paste or mint juice around your eyes is an effective method to diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Create a pack by grinding few mint leaves, and apply it all over your eyes. This will help in blood circulation over this area, helping the dark circles to fade away.

#11. Nourishes and strengthens hair

Health and Beauty

It may sound strange, but rinsing your hair with mint water (extract the water after boiling the leaves), makes your hair stronger and shinier. Mint leaves are laden with menthol and anti-bacterial properties, which nourish your locks and also boost your hair growth.

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Well, we are sure you might not be knowing all these listed beauty and health benefits of mint leaves. So, now when you know, why not start using mint leaves more?