DIY Natural Products Which Do More Harm To Your Skin Than Good


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DIY Natural Products Which Do More Harm To Your Skin Than Good

When it comes to skin care, everyone loves to try on best products, whether they are over the counter products or natural ingredients, it should just work wonders on the skin. But these days, ‘Do It Yourself’ skin care regime is trending because the ingredients are easily available at home and is a budget-friendly option. Even various sites and social media platforms are promoting the DIY products more than ever. 

Agreed, that some natural ingredients or our Grandma’s cure do work for few skin problems, but there are certain DIY products which should not be used on the skin as they will do more harm than good. Yes, it is true. So, without any dilly dally, let’s see what all DIY products should never be applied on the skin. 

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#1. Lemon for skin

For some reason this citrus fruit is a darling ingredient for most of the DIY beauty regimes, especially for skin lightening. But here is a word of caution – DO NOT USE LEMON on your face. Yes, do not apply lemon on your skin as it is highly acidic (pH of about 2) in nature that can harm the protective barrier of the skin.

Natural Products that are harmful

When you apply lemon on skin it disrupts the natural pH of your skin, which is about 4-5, leaving it dry and causing slight irritation. And since the oil in the fruit is phototoxic, you can have rashes, discolouration and burns on your skin, which will stay for months, if exposed to the sun after its application. So, it is safe to have lemon tea rather than lemon mask! 

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#2. Toothpaste for zits

Next time you have pimples or zits, do not run to your bathroom shelf and apply toothpaste on those red spots. It may be the classic zit treatment according to various DIY skin care regime, but it is just not good for your skin. Toothpaste is loaded with not-so-skin-friendly ingredients like peppermint, alcohol, fragrances and peroxide, which will tear your skin and can even cause chemical burns.

Natural Products that are harmful

Even though the white paste might bring temporary relief from inflammation, but it will eventually cause irritation. Once the pimples have subsided, there are chances that your skin will be left with marks and may even have discolouration. Instead opt for tea tree oil than toothpaste for pimple treatment. It’s a much safer option. 

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#3. Sugar for exfoliation

One of the favourite ingredients recommended for DIY exfoliation is sugar. But beware. Those little shiny crystals will spoil your skin if you overuse them. The angular, jagged edges of sugar are too rough for your soft skin.

Natural Products that are harmful

Exfoliating with sugar can lead to micro-tears on your skin leading to irritation, inflammation and redness. The white crystals even damage the lipid barrier of your skin making it vulnerable to dryness and flakiness. And once your skin gets irritated due to the disruption of lipid layer, your skin will take more time to heal. Thus, be careful while using sugar as an exfoliator, it may not give you the desired result. 

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Surprised? We bet you are. Always remember, just because you are using a natural ingredient on your skin it does not mean it will have no side effects. It is always better to consult dermatologists to make sure you are not making a recipe to harm your skin. Using wrong combination of ingredients or using DIY products without knowing your skin type could damage your skin. So, next time think twice and research well before using any DIY products on your skin. 

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