Beautiful Maharashtrian Brides And Their Special Wedding Moments


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Beautiful Maharashtrian Brides And Their Special Wedding Moments

A Maharashtrian wedding takes place in a simple and elegant way by following all the traditional rituals. A Maharashtrian bride looks resplendent with solah shringar from head to toe. On her wedding day, the bride looks like a mesmerising goddess and her enchanting beauty is difficult to capture through thelens. (If you want to know about all the Maharashtrian wedding rituals and their significance, then don't miss reading these Sacred Rituals of a Maharashtrian Wedding)

A Maharashtrian wedding is filled with beautiful moments that will steal anyone's heart who loves Indian weddings, just like us. So, we decided to feature some of our beautiful Maharashtrian brides and their mesmerising wedding journey.

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The ceremonies start

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

A Maharashtrian wedding takes place on an auspicious day, decided by the priest and it takes place usually in the day time. A lot of importance is given to matching the horoscopes and their suitability for the bride and the groom. Once an auspicious date is finalised after the horoscopes are consulted, the wedding rituals take place with enthusiasm and fervour.

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Sakharpuda or ring exchange

Image Courtesy: Anshum M. Photography

The first and the foremost ritual that takes place in a Maharashtrian wedding is the sakharpuda. It is similar to an engagement ceremony, which formalises the marriage. In this ceremony the couple exchange rings, and their family exchange sugar packets as a beginning of a lifelong relation. Just like sugar, they expect the would-be-bride and groom will savour a sweet relationship.

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Wedding saree of a Maharashtrian bride

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

A Maharashtrian bride prefers a traditional Paithani saree for her wedding day. It is a beautiful silk saree with thick golden border and fine-looking motifs embedded into it.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Draping the saree in the Maharashtrian way is also unique. In this style you pull the saree out between your legs. This fashion of wearing saree is also called kasta or nauvari.

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The vibrant colours

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

In other Hindu weddings, red and maroon colours are considered as auspicious, and become a part of every bride's wedding day look. For Maharashtrian brides, there are four main colours that dominates their look. Yellow, green, red and purple are considered sacred for Maharashtrian brides, and they prefer to wear these colours on their wedding day.

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Maharashtrian bride’s chooda

Bangles or chooda are an important part of bride’s ornaments. But, a Maharashtrian bride prefers only green coloured bangles. It is accompanied with solid gold bangles that are gifted to the bride by the groom’s family.

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Her chooda and its significance

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

The glass bangles in green are a symbol of fertility, new life and creativity. According to the rituals, for a Maharashtrian bride, it is considered inauspicious if you wear an even number of bangles in your hands, and also the number of bangles in both hands should not be the same! Many Maharashtrian women wear these bangles even after marriage, and it is considered a symbol of their marital status.

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Maharashtrian bride’s solah sringar

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

The typical Maharashtrian nose ring is also a must wear for Maharashtrian brides. It is called a nath, and it is usually made from pearls or diamond.

If you observe all Maharashtrian brides closely, then you will observe that most of them wear a similar shaped bindi. It is a crescent moon with a dot below it. It is a simple and elegant way of depicting the marital status of a woman.

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Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

A Maharashtrian bride is incomplete without her headpiece, which is called mundavalya. It is usually made up of pearls and flowers, and looks beautiful on the bride.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

In fact, this headpiece is worn by both the bride and the groom, and makes them look unique and different from any other couple.

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Mangalsutra moment

Image Courtesy: The Love Boat Photography

Another important ceremony in a Maharashtrian wedding is when the groom puts a necklace around the bride’s neck. This necklace called the mangalsutra is made from gold and black colour beads. This thread is a symbol of their union.

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Saat pheras- the seven vows

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

A couple takes the saat pheras or the seven vows of marriage when they unite into one. They accept each other as their soulmates for the next seven births.

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Entering the new life

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

Lastly, when the couple is initiated into the Grihasthashram (family life), they exchange solemn promises with each other. The bride asks the groom to always respect her and never violate her maryada, while the groom asks the bride to remain loyal to him and stay by his side always.

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The vivacious Maharashtrian bride and the effervescent groom are the epitome of simplicity and purity. And, a colourful Maharashtrian wedding with its heart-warming customs and rituals can definitely steal hearts.