Exclusive: Author Durjoy Datta And His Wife Avantika Mohan Share Their Unheard Love Story


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Exclusive: Author Durjoy Datta And His Wife Avantika Mohan Share Their Unheard Love Story

He is the bestselling author of India and she is his inspiration to write! He has written some of the most romantic novels, with his girlfriend being a part of every story, but is he that romantic in real life too? We are talking about the cute dimpled Bengali boy, Durjoy Datta and his girlfriend-turned-wife, Avantika Mohan.

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An engineer-turned-writer out of passion, he has written bestselling novels that include Ofcourse I love You…..Till I Find Someone Better, Now That You Are Rich Let’s Fall In Love, World’s Best Boyfriend, The Girl Of My dreams, If It’s Not Forever…It’s Not Love, etc. He met Avantika years ago and from there started a beautiful love tale.

Once, Durjoy posted a picture collage of them from the past with a really cute caption, take a look:

And, the caption read...

“These pictures are from a time we didn't know each other and I am glad we didn't. Look at her! And look at me. I have to apologetically invoke a Boyzone's song, Words (the lyrics went - It's only words,

And words are all I have,

To take your heart away),

because that's all I had to woo her. Believe you me, even I was surprised when it worked. Above all, ours is a story of reckless optimism of a mechanical engineer.”

Durjoy has described bits of how Avantika is, in each of his book and it is so romantic. The beautiful couple, adored by all their fans, tied the knot last year in March (2016), after a hatke proposal. The much-in-love couple is now expecting their first child together.

Although he has penned some of the best love stories in his books, nobody really knows about the ‘Durjoy-Avanti’ love story- how they met, who proposed first and how was their marriage and honeymoon like! In an exclusive interview to BollywoodShaadis, the head-over-heels in love couple share their unheard love story in detail. Take a look!

#1. How long have you known each other? Tell us about your love story? How did you guys meet and who proposed first?

Durjoy: It’s been very long. The first time I saw her was when I was writing my first book. She was a friend’s friend’s friend. She was the reason the protagonist of my first was looked a certain way and was named Avantika. She got to know of me when she read the first book. She picked up the book because of the protagonist’s name. After that, we got in touch years later.

Avantika: I asked first if we should date.

#2. So how was the wedding proposal like? The entire nation was talking about it! How did that idea strike you Durjoy? What was your reaction Avantika?

Durjoy: She always wanted one and I was always too shy to do it. Doing it online sort of made sense. It was supposed to be really small but somehow a lot of people who hadn’t even read my books or knew me joined in. It blew out of proportion. It was as shocking for me as for everyone else.

Avantika: It was overwhelming to say the least. My phone exploded with notifications and I didn’t know how to react. He had to explain it to me. It was more than I had ever imagined he would do. It was pretty out of his character to do something like this too. He’s usually very quiet and subdued.

#3. When did the wedding bells ring? How was the wedding like? Any special incident?

Durjoy: It was in March 2016. The wedding was an unforgettable affair. Lots of music and lots of dancing! It was a 3-day long party and it was insane. It’s hard to pick out just one incident. But I think I danced on the stage for the very first time and it was nerve wrecking.

Avantika: It was the first time that I was too nervous and shy to dance.

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#4. Where did you guys go for your honeymoon? Any special memories of your honeymoon?

Avantika: We were supposed to go to Peru, but a problem with our visas had us stranded in Dubai. We made a split second decision to go to Tanzania because Indian nationals aren’t required to have prior visas. Once we reached Dar-es-Salam, we made a split second decision again – to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. We were absolutely unfit to do it and it was a stupid decision to spend a week on that mountain, panting, dying, and regretting the moment we took the decision.

Durjoy: The views were breathtaking. And we can now claim to have climbed the highest peak in Africa!

Avantika: That’s true.

Durjoy: Our legs pained for a good month after that.

#5. Your honeymoon was way too exciting! Let’s talk about a year of your marriage. Every marriage has its ups and downs, how has the journey been in your year old marriage?

Avantika: Not a lot has changed. We still live like we used to before!

#6. What has been the binding factor in your relationship?

Durjoy: I think it’s the fact that we can talk for hours to each other and then stay silent for hours at an end.

#7. From being girlfriend-boyfriend to being husband-wife, how is this change?

Durjoy: Except for a joint-account, nothing has changed really.

#8. What are the qualities that attract you towards your spouse?

Durjoy: She’s kind and a really nice person. She’s fun and lazy. She’s beautiful and has a keen sense of style. That helps since I don’t remember the last time I picked clothes for myself.

Avantika: He’s cute, and he writes. Also he’s not like ‘man’ man. He doesn’t wear his masculinity on his sleeve. That’s refreshing.

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#9. Did marriage change you as a person?

Durjoy and Avantika: No, not at all.

#10. Silly or special things you have done for your spouse?

Durjoy: I have a gazillion names for her. It changes every day. Often they are just animals.

Avantika: He makes up songs and sings them for me. They are all tuneless.

#11. A good husband or a better writer, how would you define Durjoy?

Avantika: That’s a hard question. Well, he’s a more romantic in his books than he is in real. But he’s a better person than any of his protagonists.

#12. What is that one habit of your spouse that annoys you the most?

Durjoy: She gets up late in the morning!

Avantika: He wakes me up!

#13. One thing that you would like to change in your marriage?

Durjoy: I wish I could spent more time in Dubai with her.

#14. One moment that you wish to re-live with each other?

Durjoy: If our memories are wiped off, I would like to climb the mountain again. All said and done, we were there for six days with no phones, no music, no entertainment, no books, just each other, and we were happy despite the pain and discomfort.

Avantika: I would repeat what we did after that mountain. We checked into the most beautiful hotel we have ever been to and spent 3 days either in the pool or the spa.

#15. Now, talking about gifts, everyone loves them. What is the best gift you have given to your partner?

Durjoy: I remember the most expensive one. She used to love high-end bags. So I saved and gifted her once. But once she had it, she realized she didn’t love bags as much as she thought she did. She doesn’t fuss about bags any longer. In fact, now she carries a rucksack.

Avantika: He hates to spend on himself, but he wants things – clothes, watches, shoes etc., So I buy everything for him. Just to save him from the guilt of swiping his card for himself.

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#16. Congratulations guys on Avantika’s pregnancy! You guys will soon embrace parenthood, how is the feeling?

Durjoy and Avantika: It’s a little surreal right now. Thanks!

#17. One word in which you can sum up your relationship?

Durjoy: Lazy and fun.

#18. Any advice for our lovely readers to hold on to their partner, forever?

Durjoy: Only hold on if it’s the most natural thing that comes to you.

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Well said Durjoy, hold on only if it comes to you naturally without putting in any special efforts! You guys are such cuties, an inspiration for all the modern day couples. We wish you guys an ocean full of happiness and love. May your soon-to-arrive baby be the cutest and the most blessed!