Arti Singh Shares A Rare Pic Of Her Late Pregnant Mother Whom She Lost When She Was 37-Days-Old

'Uttaran' fame actress, Arti Singh has shared an emotional note for her late mother. She has shared a rare picture of her pregnant mother, whom Arti lost when she was just 37-days-old!


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Arti Singh Shares A Rare Pic Of Her Late Pregnant Mother Whom She Lost When She Was 37-Days-Old

The world celebrated Mother's Day on May 12, 2019, and we paid tribute to their mothers. But can you even think what it's like to be, in this world, without your mother? The thought itself gives us chills down our spine. However, not everyone is lucky to have their mother by their side all the time. And one such tellyland actress who shared an emotional post for her late mother was Arti Singh. (Recommended Read: Mihika Verma Shares How Difficult It Was To Get Admission In Any School Due To Her Pregnancy)

Arti Singh, for those who do not know, is the niece of Bollywood superstar, Govinda, and she is the sister of actor-comedian, Krushna Abhishek. She made her debut in the television industry in 2007 with the serial, Maayka, and with her hard work created a name for herself. Sadly, Arti Singh lost her mother when she was just 37 days old! On Mother's Days, a couple of days ago, Arti Singh shared a rare picture of her mother when baby Arti was inside her mother's womb. Along with the picture, Arti Singh shared an emotional caption which will make you teary-eyed.

Arti Singh with her brother, Krushna Abhishek

Arti Singh shared the following picture of her late preggy mother, and along with it wrote, "This is the biggest treasure of my life, finally I have one pic of my mother with me in her womb today's date changed a lot .. changed my whole life. When she left me when I was just 37 days .never seen her .. not a single pic .. but a month back her friend sent me this one .. yes mom I have seen in films standing like this in front f mirror. Now I know how I'm so filmy. I know u are always around me always. Protecting me, trying to love me, I wish u never left "

Arti Singh's emotional note for her mother

Uttaran actress' next words will make you extremely emotional in which she has questioned if she is a lucky child or not. Arti Singh's caption can further be read as, "I wish I could at least feel your touch for once .. Am I a lucky child or not I still ask myself ... I just wish u come as my daughter .. please come in my life at least this way. I'm waiting for u. I love u .. u are my unfulfilled wish .. I love u I love u i love u love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love i love u i love u .. I hated u for leaving me .. but after seeing pic the first thought i got was meri maaa kitna pyar karti thi mujhse ki aise photo kheenchayi would have been diff if u never left . But I know it will be beautiful when u will come back as my daughter. MERI MAA .. @krushna30."

Arti Singh had also shared another post on the occasion of Mother's Day on May 12, 2019. Sharing the following pic, she had written, "Happy mothers day .. maa.  I feel short f words today to write what I feel .. I just wish har bache ko unki maa ka pyar mile.. cox thts the most selfless and unconditional love anyone can get .. I miss u so much padma mumma and my geeta mamma .. I can talk to u both but I wish I could listen also to both f u ... if there is anything which is the truth in this universe is mother's love ... I love u both." (Also Read: This Is What Kajol Does When She Catches Husband, Ajay Devgn Staring At Beautiful Girls)

Arti Singh's emotional note for her mother

It must be noted here that Arti Singh had recently lost her cousin brother, Dumpy, and the entire tellyland was shocked to hear the news. She had shared an emotional post on her Instagram handle and had written, "Aaja yaar vapas... ab kaun ladega mere liye dumpu... protective possessive bhai se dost bann gaya .. fir se bhai dede yaar mera mujhe vapas ... aajaa dumpu ... aaja yaar .. sab adha karke chala gaya yaar. Khushiyan dukh ... tera hona jaruri hai .. sabke liye .. v wont ask u anythimh . Wont ask u wake up early on rakhi ... u r our dumpu .... partner... aaja yaar .. v r very sad ... v all r crying. Kaise dekh sakta hia tu sabko rote hue . Tu toh sabse jyada sensitive gai yaar . Aaaajaaaaaaaaa... aaja dumps dumpu .. u r in us."

Arti Singh's Emotional Note After Losing Her Brother Dumpy

Apart from her acting career, Arti Singh is also a fitness freak. In an interview with The Times of India last year, Arti had shared how she lost 8 kgs in the last couple of years. She was quoted as saying, "I ate every two hours. I would have daliya instead of roti and rice. One has to eat right to not let it reflect on your face. I used to cheat every Sunday because I am a foodie. I also worked out religiously. I want to shed five more kilos and look even better."

Aarti Singh

Sharing if fitness decides whether she would get good parts on the screen, Arti had revealed that she herself lost a lot of weight to bag bigger roles. She had retorted, "I want to look good for better offers. I want to try my luck down South and in Punjabi films all over again. Also, I want to play lead roles. They didn’t tell me up front that I was fat, but they just stopped calling me for auditions. I don’t have enough time on hand since I am already 27."

Arti Singh

She had further added, "I don’t think weight is the governing factor, but appearance does count. I know I’m better than a lot of actors, but I had started looking like a bhabhi because of my weight. And that’s why I was being offered such roles." (Suggested Read: Asha Negi Says Many Think That She Is Married To Rithvik Dhanjani, Talks About Her Relationship)

Arti Singh

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