Ankita Bhargava Shares A Glimpse Of Her Daughter, Mehr's Play Date Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

A year ago, there was no term as a 'lockdown baby', but now it is, due to the Coronavirus. Check out Ankita Bhargava's lockdown baby, Mehr's playdate amidst the pandemic!


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Ankita Bhargava Shares A Glimpse Of Her Daughter, Mehr's Play Date Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has paused everyone's life across the globe. The overnight lockdown had left everyone scared, plans had  gotten postponed and businesses were shut down. While many things started changing due to the Coronavirus, one thing that remained constant, was the birth of new babies.The 'lockdown baby' is a new found term referred to kids, who are being born amidst the pandemic. And television couple, Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel's daughter, Mehr Patel is going throught the same lockdown phase. (Recommend Read: Arjun Rampal's Son, Little Arik Loves To Eat This, Mommy, Gabriella Says He Has A 'Weird Flex')

On December 20, 2019, Karan and Ankita's entire life had changed when they had gotten blessed with a little angel.And in January 2020, the COVID-19 was announced as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, and in the month of March, overnight lockdown was imposed by the government of India. 

Ankita, who often shares snippets of her life with Mehr, shared how she is making sure that her daughter gets used to the idea of play dates amidst the pandemic. On September 10, 2020, Ankita took to her Instagram handle and shared a glimpse of Mehr's playdate. In the picture, we can see Mehr sitting with her toys. Alongside it, Ankita wrote, "Lockdown Playdates. So Mehr is a #lockdownbaby cos she was barely 3 months old when the entire world came to a standstill! Our plans to take her to Amritsar first and then London went for a #fulltoss! She has just seen 1 or max 2 babies/children ever since she was born! Thankfully we live in a joint family so she gets to see a lot of faces each day and not just Me and Karan! It comes to me very instinctively to name each and every one of my lane dogs and thus i landed up naming all her toys too. So here she is on a #playdate with all her friends. This is to get her aquatinted with the concept of names and playdates!!! So when it is time to have actual playdates with all our friends babies, She takes it well!" 

For those who don't know, Ankita had gone through a tough time in the year 2018 when she had a miscarriage. In one of her Instagram post, Ankita had shared her heart's deepest emotions and had written, "Technically I wrote this a few days ago, But it took me time to muster up the courage to make this post! This is by far the most personal post that I'm ever going to write, With hopes that I can make at least a little difference in someone's life. At first, I didn't want to talk about it to anyone at all. But then after having counselled more than TWO DOZEN women over DMZ on Instagram all over the country, I realised it is time I openly talk about 'MY MISCARRIAGE' The most important takeaway for me from this experience was... DONT KEEP RELIVING THE PAST. DONT KEEP WAITING FOR THE FUTURE. JUST SIMPLY LIVE IN THE PRESENT. I hope this helps." (Also  Read: Mira Kapoor Gives Glimpse Of Priceless Moment As Misha And Zain Hear Stories From Great-Grandmother)

Ankita Bhargava Baby

Ankita Bhargava

Ankita Bhargava Miscarriage

Ankita Bhargava Karan Patel

Ankita Bhargava

Ankita Bhargava

Later, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Karan had talked about Ankita's emotional posts and that phase. He had shared, "It was a heartwarming post. If you're a human you will feel the pain if God forbid something of that sort happens to anybody. But at the end of the day, it is life, and life goes on. You have to make sure that you are strong enough to overcome that mishap and to also let your partner rely on you. Dono mein se koi ek, has to be much stronger. Hamare case mein Ankita was the stronger person." (Don't Miss: Sunny Leone Shares A Stunning Picture With Hubby, Daniel Weber, Reveals What Is The Best Thing In LA)

Well, we love the idea of Ankita's lockdown playdates for her daughter!

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