Ankita Bhargava Reveals If Her Daughter, Mehr Will Be Non-Vegetarian Like Daddy, Karan Patel

Ankita Bhargava shared adorable pictures of her daughter, Mehr Patel playing with a cow. Check out as the actress reveals whether her daughter, Mehr will be a non-veg or not!


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Ankita Bhargava Reveals If Her Daughter, Mehr Will Be Non-Vegetarian Like Daddy, Karan Patel

Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel are enjoying their journey of nurturing their baby girl, Mehr Patel. While the couple was hesitant for a year to reveal their daughter's face on social media, they end their fear by sharing adorable glimpses of her angel. The super mommy, Ankita, shared if her daughter, Mehr, will be a non-vegetarian like daddy, Karan.

On December 20, 2019, a stork had visited Ankita and Karan, and they had gotten blessed with God's little wonder. After a few days, The adorable daddy, Karan Patel, had shared the name of his baby girl, "All your blessings made our world beautiful, a heartfelt thank you to all our well-wishers. #RabbDiMehr."

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karan and ankita

On July 7, 2021, Ankita took to her Instagram handle and posted lovely pictures of introducing Mehr to cow. In the photo, we can see Ankita holding her daughter, Mehr, in her arms and getting her comfortable with a cow. Check it out below:

Ankita Bhargava

Alongside the pictures, Ankita wrote, "Cow Hamari Mata Hai. Aage Kuch Nahi Aata Hai. On a rather serious note. Being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian is going to be completely Mehrz choice when she grows up. Since My Husband is a hardcore non-vegetarian, We have decided to let her make her own choice instead of either one of us forcing ours on her!"

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Ankita Bhargava

Ankita also shared that she wants her daughter to love all animals, "In fact, I too was a Non -Vegetarian until 2002, and I quit one day because I realised My Love for animals and My love for ‘Butter Chicken’ is the most absurd Oxymoron ever! What I can do right now, is make her fall in love with all the animals on this planet. Make her empathetic towards them and realise that they too have a family, a life and feel pain just like all of us! Maybe Between Karan and I might win this battle in the future."

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For the uninitiated, Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava had gotten married in 2015!