6 Adorable Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special When You Are Getting Married


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6 Adorable Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special When You Are Getting Married

Bridesmaids are your go-to girls on your wedding day and days before that. They are the ones who have got your back at the time of marriage and also during the marriage preparation. (Read: Bridesmaids Duties- 9 Things Every Indian Bride Must Tell Her Sisters And Friends Before The Wedding) You trust them with all your heart. Even your bridesmaids are more than happy to help you in every way you want, and love to be on your side when you walk down the aisle. Well, if they do so much for you, isn’t it your duty to make them feel special in some way. A good idea, isn’t it? And, if you are wondering how exactly you can make your bridesmaids feels special, then we have some tips that you can follow.

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#1. Send cute invites

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Most of the times, friends and cousins are informed over phone to be the bridesmaids. But this time, instead of calling them, send them a hamper with a cute card (if possible handmade), and ask if they would like to be your bridesmaid. You can send some cute items in the hamper, may be a funny picture of you and your friend/cousin or any other favourite items, which you think she will love the most. Your bridesmaid will definitely appreciate this gesture and will love you more than ever.

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#2. Ask them to decide their bridesmaid dress


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Instead of telling them what to wear, ask them what they would like to wear as a bridesmaid. Let them choose their dress. Be with them while they select their dresses. Let them decide whether everyone wants to wear the same coloured dresses, or want different coloured ones. There are chances that they may not like the dress that you have chosen for them to wear. But, just to keep your spirit high and not spoil the marriage preparation, they might wear the dress. Deep inside they might not be pleased with it. So, let them take charge of their dresses. Remember, a perfect dress will make them happy!

#3. Introduce all your bridesmaids to each other


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Since, you will be calling your friends from all walks of your life, there are chances that all your bridesmaids might be meeting for the first time. And this might be a bit awkward! So, plan a get together with your bridesmaids a few days before your wedding and introduce them. This way they all will not be total strangers on your wedding day, and will not feel left out during the wedding celebrations. Plus, if they would know each other, you can even ask them to plan certain things together.

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#4. Mention them in your speech

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If at all, you are planning to give a short speech for your loved ones at your wedding, reception or during any other function, then do not forget to thank your bridesmaids for all the love and support they have given you. And if you can, do say a few lines for every bridesmaid. It will make them feel special.

#5. Give them a thank you gift

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Yes, if you are not giving any speech, then do give your bridesmaids a thank you gift. The gift does not have to be expensive; it could be something as simple as a photo frame with a picture of you two in it, or some pretty jewellery box, or a box of her favourite chocolate, or anything that your bridesmaid is fond of. You can even give personalised or handmade gifts to add a personal touch. A thank you gift is one of the best ways to tell someone how important they are for you.

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#6. Do some activities together


Plan a day out with your bridesmaids and do some activity together. Treat your girls to a spa treatment, take them to some salon, a movie, shopping or anything which you all can enjoy together. Just pamper them. This way you and your girls can take a break from the regular wedding preparation routine, plus can create wonderful memories together.

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Just like you, even your bridesmaids are stressed for your big day. The thought of fulfilling every responsibility properly makes them tense. So as a bride, it is your duty to make sure that your bridesmaids are treated properly, and are made to feel special in every possible way. After all, they are your best friends/cousins!

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