9 Incredibly Awesome Ways To Add Balloons To An Indian Wedding Decor


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9 Incredibly Awesome Ways To Add Balloons To An Indian Wedding Decor

When it comes to décor ideas for an Indian wedding, we have seen almost everything from flowers and drapes to lights and glitters. But, these days, the couples look for unique and creative ways to add more excitement to their wedding through décor. Well, if you are also one of those couples, then how about having balloons in your wedding décor?

Yes you heard it right! While at first you might think it of as a décor item meant for a kid’s birthday party, you will change your mind as soon as you read the awesome ideas that we are going to give you. So, here are some brilliant ways to add balloons to an Indian wedding decor.

#1. At the entrance

Make the perfect first impression with having an arch or the entire passage embellished with beautiful balloons. Whether you decide to have a monochrome or a combination theme, simply select the colours of the balloons that match well with your wedding décor.

Image Courtesy: Above the Rest Balloon & Event Design

Image Courtesy: Let’s Celebrate

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#2.  Backdrop of the couple’s stage

Just add a dreamy element to your fairytale wedding by having balloons at the back of your stage. You can ask your decorator to either create a balloon wall or make interesting shapes with them to make the ambience of your wedding more fun.

Image Courtesy: Trendy Mods

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#3. As centrepieces on the tables

Keeping beautifully arranged balloons on the tables will add a lot of excitement among the guests. It will truly be a visually appealing sight at your wedding. To make sure this concept goes well with the party mood, go for some festive colours like red or golden, or something that matches with your theme.

Images Courtesy: Balloon Artistry

Image Courtesy: Let’s Celebrate

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#4. A special nook in the venue

A corner of the wedding venue particularly decorated using balloons might just become the talk of the town. It can be next to the stage, near the food area, or just at an otherwise ignored, unused corner. In any case, the beauty of the balloons is sure to add a special touch to your wedding. It would be even more fun if you keep the theme of this decor item related to an Indian wedding. Not to miss, it will be a big hit among the kids as well.

Image Courtesy: Worldwide Balloon Décor

Image Courtesy: The Balloon & Kite Company

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#5. Glow up your outdoor wedding

If you are having a night wedding in an open farmhouse, then here is an awesome décor idea meant just for you. While your wedding decorator will provide you with enough lights at the venue, ask him to leave one of the areas dark. Now, put mini LED lights or glowing sticks in the balloons, and place them in those unlit areas. You can either hang them on a tall sculpture, or spread them all over the floor to add a romantic touch to your wedding.

Image Courtesy: Cool Lighting Decoration Ideas

Image Courtesy: Balloon Addicts

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#6. Fill the ceiling of your wedding venue

While the previous idea was for the couples having an outdoor wedding, the other need not feel bad as we have something brilliant for you as well. You can fill up the ceiling of your venue with helium balloons to make it look truly spectacular and stunning. If you do not want to pack it up completely with balloons, then you can even have just a few big balloons placed at equal distance on the ceiling.

Image Courtesy: Balloons By The Sea

Image Courtesy: Balloon Artistry

Image Courtesy: Balloons & Party Event Decorators

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#7. Pump up the dance floor

Disco lights and glowing dance floors have almost become corny by now. Try pumping up your dance floor with stunning balloon designs.

Image Courtesy: Artiste Balloons

Image Courtesy: Balloon & Event Construction Company

Image Courtesy: Cloud 9 Balloon Company

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#8. At the drinks and buffet table

If that is not all for you yet, then amaze your guests with your creativity further by decorating the buffet as well as the drinks table with balloons. You need not have large number of balloons here. Just go ‘minimalistic’ by simply having two to three balloons placed at the side of each dish or drink. You can also use balloons as the backdrop of your buffet table.

Image Courtesy: Party Ideas & Balloons Blog

Images Courtesy: Wedding Buffet

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#9. On your wedding car

Ditch the clichéd flowers for your wedding car. Just start your beautiful journey with your partner in a car adorned with lovely balloons. This will surely become one of the most romantic memories of your life.

Images Courtesy: I Take You

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Well, aren’t these décor ideas truly stunning? So, just share all these ideas with your wedding decorator and get ready to make your big day the talk of the town.

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