9 Amazing Ways For An Indian Bride To Honour Her Mother On Her Wedding


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9 Amazing Ways For An Indian Bride To Honour Her Mother On Her Wedding

As a woman, the only other woman who inspires you the most is your mother. Anything and everything that she does, never fail to impress you. She is your biggest admirer, strongest critic and true well-wisher. The amount of love, affection and care a mother showers on her daughter can never be defined in words. But, somewhere in our busy lifestyle, we forget to appreciate her efforts and start taking her for granted. Well girls, we know you might be doing so unintentionally, but it is important to show your mother how much you love her. And, what better occasion can be there to do so than your wedding? So ladies, here are some really beautiful ways through which you can honour your mother on your wedding.

#1. Take her advice

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Needless to say, your mother is more experienced than you and hence, she knows about life better than you do. So, even before she can come to you with an advice, just go to her to take some important lessons on living a happy married life. Share all your feelings with her, and let her give you some valuable guidance. Showing how much you value her opinions will simply make her feel loved.

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#2. Involve her in the wedding planning

Usually, when it comes to wedding planning, everything is left either on the wedding planner or it is taken care of by the men of the house. But, if you really want to make her feel special, then you have to be different from others. So, honour your mother by making her an active participant in the planning process. Take her along while looking for the wedding venue, let her decide the menu, ask for her inputs on the theme, and do not keep her expertise confined just to the wedding shopping.

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#3. Help her in choosing her outfits for the functions

She obviously took out a lot of time in accompanying you to all your wedding shopping sprees to help you find the best for yourself. And, it is your turn now to return the sweet gesture. Make her feel special by going with her and deciding her clothes for your wedding functions. Let it be a shopping day just for her. Make her try beautiful outfits, click pictures of her in them, and make it a memorable experience for both of you before your wedding.

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#4. Take her for a spa treatment

While you would leave no stone unturned to book the best salon in the city for your pre-bridal and bridal routine, make sure to take your mother as well for a rejuvenating spa treatment. After all, she too would be tired amid so many wedding-related tasks. So, show her that you really care for her by giving her a much-needed relaxing spa treatment. 

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#5. Have a special dance with her

Instead of dancing only with your fiancé at your wedding or any of the pre wedding functions, have a mother-daughter performance as well. Just rehearse a few quick steps with your mom, and make her the star of the evening. What’s more? You can even surprise your mother with a solo performance dedicated just to her.

#6. Wear something that she wore on her wedding

For any bride, everything that she wears on her wedding day is one of the most important things of her life. And, if you really want to make your mother feel special on your wedding, then wear anything that she wore on her big day. There can be nothing better than wearing her wedding outfit if it suits your size as well as taste. But, if that is not an option, then pick up her jewellery, shoes or anything else to show your love to her. 

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#7. Make a beautiful wedding entrance with her

A bride’s entry into the wedding venue is one of the best moments of the evening. And, making your mother a part of this important moment of your wedding will make her feel really special.

#8. Have a mother-daughter photo shoot

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While you would be busy getting clicked with your partner during the wedding, make sure you ask your photographer to click pictures of you just with your mother. You can also hold signboards saying ‘world’s best mother’, ‘mom’s the world’, etc., while getting these pictures clicked. These pictures will be nothing less than a treasure for both of you.

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#9. Give her a personalised gift

And, in the end, the least you can do to show your appreciation towards your mother who has done so much for you all your life, is to give her a beautiful personalised gift. It would be even better if you make it on your own. But, if that is not an option, then make sure you give something that is able to convey your feelings towards her.

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Well, nothing actually can match up to what a mother does for her child. But, doing any of these things on your wedding would certainly make her feel very special and loved. So, be a darling daughter and include not just one, but all of these ideas in your wedding to honour, appreciate and show your gratitude towards your mom.

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