9 Simple Fashion Hacks That Will Make You Look Slim Without Losing Any Weight


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9 Simple Fashion Hacks That Will Make You Look Slim Without Losing Any Weight

If you are struggling with those extra kilos, it does not mean that you have to stick to boring, oversized outfits. Rather, camouflage the trouble areas sensibly, to look thinner. Getting your hands on the correct colours and styles will not only ensure that you look slimmer, but will also make you feel more confident and sexy.

Let 'low-fat' dressing not just be restricted to your salads and sandwiches, but also extend to what you wear and how. Read through our easy tips to know about some awesome shopping secrets to help you find the best outfits, to make you look slim.

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#1. Go for tailored outfits

If you are the kind who would go for western dresses, rather than stick to salwar-kurtas, you can choose from shirts and business suits. A fitted jacket teamed with straight-legged pants or straight knee-length skirts, will give the illusion of a slender body. Tunic dresses and tops build an illusion of a trimmer waistline, perfect for weekend breaks. If you have an inverted-triangle body shape, get some A-line skirts made out of structured fabrics that would balance out those curves. Empire waist dresses and tops can help hide your belly fat.

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#2. In Indian wear, do not go for very clingy attires

If you love to flaunt Indian dresses, then take a cue from these simple tips. If you are going for salwar-kurtas, then wear slightly loose kurtas. They should also not be too clingy, and the length should cover your hips. For the salwars, go for narrow ones. If they are too loose, your legs might look bulky. And, if you would rather wear a saree, then avoid chiffon. Sarees in crepes or fine silks, paired with a well-fitted blouse, will make you look really slender.

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#3. Colour me right

Wearing one colour from head to toe can add length to your body. Sporting many colours together has a chance of making one appear heavier and shorter. By same colour, we do not mean exactly the same. But, learn to match within the same family of colours. For example, black, beige and silver, all go well together. 

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#4. Have an eye for detail

It is imperative to wear clothes with some detailing, so it distracts the other person from concentrating on your body shape and weight. An interesting sequined or ruffled neckline, or a little Swarovski or bling on your dress, can really shift the focus away from flabby areas.

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#5. Gor for dark coloured panels

Clothes with darker shade panels on the sides will automatically make you look slim. Just a little bit of break in colour on the sides, will make your waist appear thinner. So, instead of going for a dress in one colour, just go for a dash of a darker shade around the waist.

#6. Highlight the areas you love

You can also mask the problem areas with dark colours, and highlight the areas you love with bright colours. For example, if you have heavier arms, midsection, or hips, choose a black tailored blazer or a dark button-down shirt and show off your great legs with a pair of simple jeans, or maybe printed pants, or a bold skirt. Or, if you don’t like your legs but love your upper body, team a pair of a light shade of pants or a skirt with a bright-coloured blouse. That will make you look slim instantly.  

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#7. Choose the right fabrics

Some materals are 'flat'. In other words, they will not add volume to your body. So, materials like cotton, denim, silk, or wool gabardine can actually help you look slimmer and more in-shape. Anything with spandex in it like, jersey, cashmere, or fine cotton are good. Do away with bulky materials like corduroy, velvet, metallic, leather, suede, angora, brocade, taffeta, boucle, satin and flannel. Also, prints can work for you. Just, play up their camouflaging features. If you are bigger on the bottom, try pairing a printed A-line dress with a pair of black tights. The golden rule of prints: 'the smaller the print, the smaller you look'

#8. Get it altered

If you really like a dress but are unable to find it in your size, simply pick up a bigger one. And, tell your tailor to fix it. Do not end up buying a smaller size and say that it looks okay. Wearing tight clothes would not be a smart fashion choice for you. It is much better to tailor down a garment that is too big, than wearing something too small.

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#9. Wear perfectly-sized lingerie 

Inner beauty is as important as outer beauty. This might not have been said in this context ever, but it holds true. Yes, what you wear under your garments can also make or break the look. A good rule of thumb is, wear the right bra size and pantyhose under your garments. Going for a corset under your fitted top will also give you a slim look.

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So, make use of these amazing tips to look slim and slender. While you may be a plus-size girl, but just a few tricks, added to your shopping style, will work wonders for the way you look.



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