A Fashionable Walk In The Wild: Tribal Trends Making A Mark In Indian Fashion


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A Fashionable Walk In The Wild: Tribal Trends Making A Mark In Indian Fashion

Mastered over time, centuries of learning and unlearning, and being re-invented currently, tribal trends and art in fashion are making waves in Indian Couture. The artisanship of the same is a way to pay due homage and to bring about recognition for the myriad tribal sects across the length and breadth of the country – their origination, their story and their culture too.

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Here are some Indian tribal prints we are completely in love with till date. Check them out.

#1. Madhubani

Plenty of chic geometric designs, floral patterns and colours to play with, along with animal motifs – Madhubanis are a form of tribal art with a story or a scenery etched in the fabric. The art is magnificent in more ways than one, and even words would fall short to define the art form.

#2. Mithila

One more reason to wow yourselves, the Mithila as a tribal art form has made a comeback. Call it a blend of the East and the West, the Mithila is an amalgamation of brilliant splashes and prints – creating a niche return in its own rights.

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#3. Ikat

This is a process where silk and cotton are dyed in unique ways, and a technique which isn’t a close fetched idea on the lines of tie and die. The method has come down since ages. With unique designs and binding patterns, Ikat remains the best so far. Ikat making a comeback has left fashionistas with baited breath.

#4. Mekhla

Mekhla comprises the sarong; a blouse and a dupatta, which when brought together form the unique tribal garment. Originated in Assam, the garment is made from pure Muga silk and is of three pieces. It is tribal luxury at its best.

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India is a diverse nation and with a rich heritage of its own; it would thus be just and apt to honour our traditions and roots, and what better way to have the same, other than showcasing tribal art and designs for modern fashion wear!