8 Ways You Can Make Your Out-Of-Town Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Wedding


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8 Ways You Can Make Your Out-Of-Town Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Wedding

No wonder a wedding is all about the bride and groom and the focus is rightfully on them, but we cannot forget that the guests play a big role in making your marriage a grand celebration.

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And, if they have travelled far to be a part of your special day, it gets all the more essential to make them feel at home. So, to make your out-of-town guests feel comfy at your wedding, incorporate these thoughtful touches into your planning and see the magic happen.

#1. Accommodation

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

The first most important thing for the guests is the room where they stay. A nice lodging not only makes an impression, but also goes down as history. So, our advice is- a spic and span, spacious hotel room can always make them feel luxuriously welcomed. See that the space is filled with couches and chairs to sink into. Another super-important thing to amaze them is the distance of the accommodation from the venue. By choosing a nearby hotel or guesthouse, you can easily shuttle the guests from the hotel to the ceremony. This would make their transportation a lot more convenient.

#2. The basic requirements

A sure-shot way to keep your guests content is to have items like bed linens, pillows and bath linens in their rooms. Finding the room equipped with few extra pillows, clean doormats, racks and hangers to accommodate their clothes, etc., will make the guests feel relaxed after their stressful journey. A luggage rack, small table, chair and extra mattresses must be made available to them. They will appreciate the small gestures and enjoy their time more.

#3. Care packages

Here is an easy way to make your relatives and closed ones feel like VIPs. Depending on your budget, you can put together little baskets of snacks and mini toiletries to make your visitors feel pampered. You can go for some useful items like cookies, chips, mineral water bottles and tissue rolls. This can go a long way in putting a smile on their faces. And believe us, it hardly adds anything to the wedding cost.

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#4. Travel guide

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

There are guests who want to go sightseeing for the time in-between the wedding ceremonies, but they cannot since it is a new city. At the same time, they are not expecting you to be around. But, little suggestions from your end on places to visit can be a lot of help to them. You can at least provide them the resources to do so by asking your drivers to be a guide to them or you can hand over the area maps and brochures to the guests. Your folks will cherish a small successful vacation along with the wedding forever.

#5. A tech-savvy venue

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Having an internet connection will be the most appreciated bonus item for the guests. So, have this obvious trick up your sleeve to make the wedding memorable for your attendees. Immediate uploads and sharing of selfies, group photos and videos with other family members (who could not attend the event) will definitely spruce up your wedding vows.

#6. Mix and mingle

Image: Love Breakups Zindagi

Image Courtesy: Love Breakups Zindagi

The things as simple and sweet as coordination and interaction are usually overlooked when you are throwing a party of a lifetime. Rather, the best weddings are the ones that make the visitors feel appreciated and honoured for coming. In-between the ceremonies, you can personally meet each and every guest and ask if there is anything that they would like to have. Or you could just sit down for a small 5-minute chat with them. And believe us, it’s not only about the etiquette. Until and unless you talk to your guests, they will not feel enthusiastic about your party, no matter how lavish it is.

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#7. Salon appointments

Long journey and back-to-back activities can make your guests feel exhausted. Few might have rushed straight from their office to be a part of your celebrations. No wonder, a salon in the hotel will be a generous reward for the visitors. Unrealistic for most wedding budgets, we know, but a salon facility in the hotel will definitely be a pleasant surprise for the weary guests.

#8. Laundry

Image: Friends

Image: Friends

Lot many guests require laundry when they attend an event but for the ones who are tired after a long trip, finding a laundry can get daunting. So, be sure to offer them dry-clean and laundry services which they would love to have in an ideal wedding world. You can negotiate ironing facilities within your package with the hotel owner.

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As we said, it’s important to keep the guests in mind during the wedding arrangements and preparations. But, at the same time, you need to keep the budget in check too. For that, you can skimp the things which are actually blowing up your budget. Just include the things which you feel will not incur much expenses. The catch is to have your guests appreciate your hospitality, the watchful preparations and the flawless arrangements.



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